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  1. I would also like to add that I am available to use mta programs that detect cheaters, even if it is daily.
  2. Hello dear friends of mta. Today again, after a few months I'm trying to contact the MTA team, as you asked not to search so soon, I decided to wait a few months. Come on, I'm banned for the reason "TRAINER", everything happened as follows: Lately I played on a survival server (dayz), where I met a "friend" from Turkey, this guy sent me a program where he said I would get better items, like a wallhack of items and tents. He sent me a download link, which I did, but initially the cheat didn't work, as the program was bought by him from a Russian man, and for the cheat to work I had to send him my serial, to the Russian activate, this occurred within 4 days. With the cheat working, I could see through walls where there were rare items and tents, I know this is totally wrong, and I am completely sorry. Just for the record, I've owned mta servers a few years ago, I've done a lot of advertising and now I have a page on my old server's facebook, where it has almost 2,000 followers, I can send it if I want. Again I say that I am very sorry and that I intend to play the MTA correctly again. This game provided me with incredible moments, as well as I met many friends. I also want to inform you that I no longer have any access to cheating, as I had to pay monthly according to the turkey guy and would need to be active monthly on my serial, which never happened again. It's been almost a year of banishment, and this is very difficult and annoying, I have another old computer, as well as I can buy another good computer to "get around the ban" but I don't want that, it doesn't interest me. I want to play honestly again and I miss MTA every day, it's hard to see my friends playing every day and I can't. I hope you have read this post and again I ask you to kindly "unban". A hug dear friend, please wait for an answer from you and if possible, in case you don't unban, let me know how long I have to wait :) good night https://imgur.com/a/QJtuUKh MY SERIAL: FB858CA3D2D5FC1C75A03841370B65B2
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