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  1. wanna see me with 20 ping? come to the Israeli server
  2. Thx Sparky, it was a nice match sry about my 100 ping. (high ping)
  3. tonight I can't make it on 22:00 GMT!!!! plz change it to 20:00 GMT. btw Azer Thx but I'm noobish lately cuz I get too bored of MTA. (so I'm waiting for 0.4.5, and I hope the gameplay in 0.4.5 will be back like 0.3)
  4. congrats and goodluck DeathB!
  5. Sparky i don't know how to contact you
  6. I hope i can be tonight at 20:00 GMT but not 22:00 GMT.
  7. Hi plz sign me up if it's possible. (because i'm referring). 1 more thing.... GoodLuck
  8. Good Luck happy dudes I have many memories with {KoQ}
  9. lol wtf? someone ban this fool for being dumb and lying about the "match" btw, it's nice that u faked the log ect. ect. no need to tell this everyone just starting to know your gay childish behavior.
  10. Why do ppl complain and whine about your glitches? if anyone wants advices how to "own" a glitcher, ask me
  11. hadoken is japenese for dragon ball Exactly! I can send u an Emulator and the ROM and we'll 1 vs.1 in Multiplayer (who still loves that game anyway )
  12. [UK]MoTnT

    *TLR* CLAN

    YEY Gunny I can spam with u again in TLR forums
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