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  1. This happened with 0.4. Also, why have MSN running if you're playing a game? You can't talk and play at the same time and alt-tabbing unfairly pauses you so that other players can't kill you. And anyway, closing all unnecessary applications often boosts performance. hmms its like why eat and waste time when u can always get drinks geez why does some one have msn running in background maybe cause they can look if they have important mesage watiing for them when they pause in game. omg what silly reply dude instead of fixing problems why u make excuses sheesh... Lmao, why eat? because u n
  2. One big issue is. some players see everybody in the server punching. hence they cannot be shot. its atleast 2 people in the server at a time that have this.
  3. ^^ exactly. would i been easy enough to say. i agree. or i dissagree.
  4. All this crap with cracked clients. modding. wierd gameplay on other people. Its all breaking the community into bits. Everybodys leaving for the sake of cracked clients. yes. he shouldent have one. but being banned from lots of servers for using one is simply stupid. I myself know atleast 4 people that have cracked clients who i respect. And do they get banned? do they . a few people find a reason to ban somebody from a "rival" clan. gang up on them and wallah! there out! Big mess. Its said that blue will sort this out. but its doubtfull. as it isent an ingame problem. This is the reaso
  5. Yes and no. kinda because of that. But kinda because we didnt need ref for Kev to beat us both btw he beat me 10-8 and jax 10-3. w00t
  6. Tis the problem with new clans. all the good players are taken.
  7. sexy B.Test me. i dont think ive ever seen a video of my helath going down to 57 hp. Do u? do u gots one? send it me. send it the world. I dont have a cracked client. Maybe you do? After all. i dont have a clue who you are. or what your buisness in this post it. Jay
  8. Ok. so he knows jack shit about cheating. good for him! The Point is. he kicked the "cheaters" oh and btw. i dont see any cheats? i see a video from which motnt has a cracked client. Did he use it to cheat? No.Yes? Wheres the proof? Lots of people have cracked clients. if we kicked them all. There would be no MTA left.Half the community would be banned. so motnt is out. good for him. i respect him. i dont see why he did it. and he paid for this. didnt act like a prick like u lot. You guys are making to much fuss over something. its delt with. P.S guess im making to much of a fuss too. but 2
  9. /me will enter something they organise.. Motnt was kicked. left. was kicked. got any more evidence of UK members with clients? im sure theyll be kicked too. you have nothing else to wail about. so shut it.all of you
  10. Ok guys. enough. Jax won. so why all the fuss about cracked clients and shit? why all the looking into? He won. end off. Motnt should not leave and come back as a diff player.I respect him. Just get an official client mo. to much hassle over a little thing. jeez weve caught atleast 12 players with cracked clients and frapsed them. they didnt leave. Afr(0) is one. u see him leaving? Just chill. normal client and its sorted
  11. Right now 5PM saturday Evening sounds good for all league matches. More feedback required
  12. New Project. Based on a league for Uk mta clans. Currently in beta testing it uses five players from 4 clans. Places them against each other certain amount of times. Placing them in positions points wise. and delcares the winner. Also will be able to set up friendly matches.and if beta goes well. 10 clans will be used with league and cup matches. LCS Match will be played first. then a round of AAD. each clan playing each other. Then A 4way AAD. Then another round of AAD's. There is no time limit to when this must end. so arrange matches accordingly. Clans and Members currently ready to te
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