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  1. i don't think it's easy to kill a grown up (wo)man. must people never killed a big anymal, but if you only get one bullet, and shoot true the head, and it 's still alive and running, you'l have to do it whit a knive. when you 'r killing whit a knive, you'll need time. (exept if you are a rent-killer or if you'r name = 007) and you need force to kill corectly. but it had to be done, because you can't let it runn whit a bullet in the head. While you'r bussy, your better don't think about what you'r doing, because the only thing you thinking about and wonne do is stop. In a game i't s easy
  2. futuritis


    sry, in gta3 mta 0.2, and i was in the boat but you'r right, i was the cheater. i did a weaponcheat (gunsgunsguns, but not that you saw the other player) and had a stundpark.
  3. yeah, bring bakc the hotring. i startet in the spring last year, or sooner, i dont realy know. i was looking for a good mod for GTA3 and i saw a multiplayermod (gta3mta0.2 or somthing, not 0.3). it was funny for an houer, but stopped after a week and waited on other mp-mods. befor gta3mta3, their came out some cool mods (forgot the name). my conclusion, mta rules
  4. i ve nevver been accused, exept on this forum.
  5. futuritis


    i nevver saw one in the current release, last boat i saw in mta was in mta0.2, and it crashed
  6. futuritis


    maybe a good idea, boat-wars or somthing maybe somthing like capture the boat, if the other team steal your boat you have to destroy it. about stundservers, just put 1 or 2 boats in it because big boat-races looks boring after 2 times.., but whit 2 boats you can do some stunting once.
  7. futuritis


    it looks a bad idea maybe more gemetypes is a solution. stund, dm, and dm in a stundserver the idea of making a stundpark on the beach is good, but theire have to be cars on it, because if you 'r stuck on it, you'r fucked if you don't get a ride. is theire also a big place in gta3? (long time ago that i played it)
  8. coudn't the server dicide if the time is working, or not,( in a stundserver). maybe lock the time it's true that is 's somtimes funny to play in the rain, if you can lock it would be perfect
  9. sry that i wanne improuve my cars, and don't wanne die if a fall from my bike. i don't see wats wrong whit that, i nevver used against other players, becaus other players are my friends, and i ceep it all in my server. i hope you respect that.
  10. the last days i also don't see a lot or rain, but that 's my trainer
  11. hi somthing else that i don't like is the night or the rain. can't you stop the time at an nice houer in the day, and if some guys like the time, can't it be stopped in the stundserver. maybe someone else said this, but my friends are always complaining to me because it always rains in my server
  12. futuritis


    somthing like asoult would be nice, but i don't know if it 's realistic. I always liked asoult in UT.
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