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  1. I can code in paint. take me please!
  2. you should split the pics into 5 diffrent zips. I dont think anyone would download 30mb just to see some pics from a game.
  3. thanks for the screenshots but what I really wanna see is an ingame movie
  4. Its nice but Im still waiting for a movie with other players.
  5. First, get us a version that works. Then, we post pics.
  6. from what I know they can sue you only if the mod isn't free.. donations from the side are legal me thinks..
  7. rofl.. that sticking guy made me laugh nice movie! though still expecting to see actuall players
  8. I thought you would be able to walk and shoot other players in 0.3 edit: oops, just noticed that you said 0.3a.. you probably meant 0.2
  9. Scaramanga


    Yah he spams a little bit. And its not "the world could be over", its the WAR.
  10. You should also add in later versions admin remote control (rcon) so the admin could control the server remotly with a password.
  11. I subscribed.. If you send me spam I'd kill someone
  12. I think its really unnecessary. Exposing the source code will only make cheats and hacks easier to create and will get other people to make more multiplayer mods for gta3.
  13. Thanks for updating us but what is Capture The Whoopie?
  14. To be honest the other mod is much better right now.. You dont need to do the stupid car sync thing, you can see the people walking, you can have many players connect to one server, you can chat ingame and its coded in C++. The problems right now are that there are still many bugs, the players walk like the characters from soutpark (very laggy) and there are no other modes than deathmatch. At least now there's competition so hopefully we can see new versions coming out faster and better.
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