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  1. Hello Dear MTA Staff, My name is Cihan and my nick in the game is Ashame. You already know me, I know. First of all, I'm really sorry for everything that happend in the past. I did lagswitch, changed the dll files, changed game files and tried to take advantage,etc. So I disrespected you. I want to start my topic with How did i start this bullsh1t called cheating? You know, most of the players are cheating or trying to cheat in this game everyday. Especially in DD servers. I am also a DD player. I saw a lot of cheaters from the past until today. Me and my friends had a clan. We were joining CW everyday at least 20 times. And most of our rivals were cheating when I wasn't cheating. Then I realized that none of them were getting banned so i got mad and decided to do something for victory of my team. Because they did it. That was very fun when i crushed my rivals with cheat for the first times. Then I told myself "this is so boring" and I decided to use these cheats only when they started to use cheats in CW. I saw that cheating will never end and that i found the solution is to share cheating tutorials on YouTube for you to fix it. But this time, you saw me as a threat. Therefore you banned me forever. I'm sorry for the words that i used against you before. I regret all the mistakes i did. I want to open a new page for MTA:SA, if you let me to. I ask you to unban my serial for the last time and this is me being this serious for the first time. I was banned more than a year ago and I am now purified. I promise that i will not do any kind of cheating or any action that will violate the rules of MTA:SA. I wrote down my serial number even though i know you know. I hope that my plans of opening a new page in MTA:SA will succeed and that our relationship will become better than before. My Serial: D0744AD1D7A782935FCAEFFA122218B2
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