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  1. Hello Guys... I Want To Search In GridList Find it by entering the source name Can you help me?
  2. Hello Guys ! I wanted to Create code ... That an airplane or a smart car Move from one position to another So that no one guides it I hope you understand ....
  3. This script , +200 supports the Player ?! You have a better offer ?
  4. I want to send the information to the database That the submitted information does not cause the server to log shot ! I designed it this way: function SetPlayerDb(Player,Data,Value) Tables[ID][Data] = Value dbExec(getMySQLC(),"UPDATE `UserAccount` SET `"..Data.."` = '"..Value.."' WHERE `User` = '"..tonumber(Tables[ID]["User"]).."'") return true end end Do you have an idea?
  5. Hello Guys... I want to create an account system ! I want this account system , To Support For +200 Player In Server ! Thank you for your help in this regard
  6. I want the server admin to be able to spy on the player with this command
  7. Server side: addCommandHandler("spy", function (player, command, target) if target then local ppl = getPlayerFromName(target) if ppl then setElementData(ppl, "spy", thePlayer) outputChatBox("Enabled on: "..getPlayerName(ppl).."", player, 255, 255, 255) end else outputChatBox("USAGE: /"..command.." <Player-Name>", player, 255, 255, 255) end end) addEvent("spy:ShowChat", true) addEventHandler("spy:ShowChat", root, function (root, message) local spy = getElementData(root, "spy") if spy then outputChatBox("[SPY-Mode] "..getPlayerName(root)..": "..message, spy, 255, 255, 255) end end) Client side: local lastMessage = nil addEventHandler("onClientChatMessage", getRootElement(), function (message) if not getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "spy") then return false end if message == "" or message == " " then if lastMessage == message then return end end lastMessage = message triggerServerEvent("spy:ShowChat", getLocalPlayer(), getLocalPlayer(), message) end) I use this code but chats are not sent to the admin ! I wanted a code similar to this
  8. Hello friends ! I want to create a spy mode for my server admin using onClientChatMessage That the admin can spy on the whole chat player ! Please help me.....
  9. Hello Fire Monkey ! There is a problem with your code (No chat is sent when we run Command) Please send me the complete code you wrote
  10. So far so good See I want something that every chat sends to the player ( From the side Server , Player , Alllll Chats ) The Admins also watches I even want to see the errors that the server gives her
  11. That was not the code I was looking for yet But the code you gave me was great , Thank you
  12. No No , You did not understand what I meant I want a code that looks like this ( Spec Camera Player ) => ( Spec Chats Player ) To show all the chats sent to the player => And Sent To Admins It is as if we are playing on that system ?
  13. it's true So if I want to see other chats Define for each of them onChatMessage ?! it's true
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