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  1. i was in FKU's very first gangwar about a year and a half ago, i remember it so well because it was my very first also...i was in {Ns} (the original Ns)...and we won, lol ...gl in the future warfire, sad to see fku go after so long
  2. :OutLaW:

    [HB] - HackBusters™

    ...i hack, cna i b uer 13367 bu7sting crew?
  3. thats a totally different error...newayz still no help ty
  4. well, its been over a week and still my problem is not fixed, anybody have any more ideas?
  5. ...i cant even get into vc, the crash happens as soon as i hit start game or double click gta-vc.exe
  6. well, ive tried using the retail .exe which is 1.0 im pretty sure, ive been given .exe's to try by [DrUg]Nikt and and the one kev gave me from the uva site, also a .exe the kyeman gave me, all of which failed...im not quite sure which is causing the problem, but im happy atleast now ppl are trying to help me
  7. sry for the double post but.. /me is VERY desperate... some1 plz post something to help, this problem is ƒucking stupid
  8. ok, i tried googleing it and found more possible solutions, all in which failed...could u please b more specific in the way that u fixed it, or could some1 else plz post some more possible solutions, ty
  9. ok well, i have searched this topic and tried all of the posted ways of fixing this problem to avoid being told to search the problem first... now, when i try to start game i get the error: now i have tried ...putting the .txt files (all except american) into the mta folder from the TEXT folder ...changing my version in the client ...tried countless different .exe's ...reinstalled both vice and mta atleast 3 times ...and tried sytem restoring ______________________________________ i tried asking people on irc for help, i got lots of help, but it didnt fix t
  10. :OutLaW:

    Canadian Clans

    blade stfu noob, canada > u
  11. :OutLaW:

    Canadian Clans

    braddock if there was mta olympics of any sort, there is no way yer ass is good enuff to b on team canada ...man u forgot ppl like me, k00ner, scar, and chronic, n point (me scar and chronic h-town stompppin) ...but newayz it would b a close match with canada vrs. usa
  12. :OutLaW:

    Canadian Clans

    canada would deffinatly win (/me thinks we should have a 3-way gw, allstar teams from canada, us, and uk...or an allstart tourney)
  13. :OutLaW:

    Canadian Clans

    im canadian...and if u consider CE the best gang in canada i will fight yer clan by myself cause theres no way u guys are the best at anything related to mta...definitly fku is the best canadian reppin mta clan
  14. jus count me in, if when u fight me u consider me a lagger, u can have the win and i forfeit the match, i have played this game for a very long time and lag has never been an issue with me....
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