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  1. very good house models, would be cool to have walls inside as well, atleast for toilet room haha but overall looks damn sexy, good job :3
  2. wow, that is super nice model right there.. fits super good in SA world, and lighting is on point as well.. very good job haha
  3. good map, there were some spots with super nice light decorations that i really loved haha.. good job aye
  4. those are some nice maps aye, good job nice to see someone sharing/showcasing maps hehe :3
  5. New apartment block in idlewood area (Los Santos). Sorry that screenshots are all mixed up, also ingore that Blade (vehicle) on the road in one of the screenshots it is not part of the map. Anyway, lemme know what you think, feedback is always appreciated!
  6. that is a nice map yea, good job yea!! having a good vibe while watching this aha
  7. aye those are some nice maps right there.. liked decorations in all maps, but my favorites were probably "space is my name" and "anxious" maps, i dont know, but i really like atmosphere in those maps haha.. anyway good job! :3
  8. Exterior of big garage building in East of Los Santos. I have been mapping for years now with custom objects and with function to retexture SA objects, so tried to map something without textured or custom objects.. kinda challanging for me to be honest, i mean not challanging but sure harder haha more need to think about does object fit into the spot or nah.. Like all the lighting and object look overall - does that work with spot you are working with. ANYWAY, i could talk about this days soooo let me know what you think! Much love! :3
  9. damn, that is some nice stuff right there.. good job ?
  10. aye, that is very nice model right there.. looking good, fits into SA world.. good job :3
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