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  1. hello i have received a ban on #mta please have a look at the log and let me know if you think the decision was not too hasty from the ops side 19:21 *** bbsrobos joined #mta 19:31 Cazomino05 (18:25:31) if you pre-order GTA5 for PS3 starting next friday you get 75% off a different Rockstar title 19:31 Cazomino05 are there any other titles worth it 19:31 Dennis good question 19:31 Dennis if this is going to be a cheap bundle I might consider it 19:31 *** ThatOneDude quit (Quit: Leaving) 19:33 Cazomino05 any news on the PS4 release date 19:33 Cazomino05 rumour has it we should know
  2. if you are looking for quality, performance, experienced and professional support, and all that at affordable price, then there is only one place to look at: www.og-servers.net check here why you should pick OG-Servers: http://www.og-servers.net/index.php?site=page&pageID=13
  3. forget about gta4... mta 1.0 is out though ! pcp's been playin mostly a/d (aka basemode), bomb da base and stealth occasionally. if you're down for some pwng join us on our servers or inquire about a gw
  4. borosky


    come to pcp bishop!
  5. forgot to mention: HAPPY 4YRS PCP! 3 months delay but better later than never! anyone looking for a gw on GTA4? tdm or turf wars suggested
  6. address changed join in and win prizes!
  8. I think, that apart from casual mta sa/vc style gangwars (including base att/def/tdm which is missing in your list), new other-mp typical modes (ctf, tdm, im not too sure about assault - ET anyone?), an interesting thing to see would be battlefield-style wars with RLs, tanks, choppers and all that military stuff. But yeah, MTA:SA offers so much flexibility that it is up to the two teams/organizators to decide wether on to which mod/style agree. Still, 3 round att/def ftw (with mines and other accessories)
  9. borosky


    And you smell.
  10. borosky

    [W] - The Warriors

    reminds me of my first gang in career - [M] - Tony Montana's gang see you on the battlefield W's
  11. Well there is certainly now going to be a great demand for MTA:SA DM servers. After we finish running some tests we will come up with an offer as well.. more competition means better services
  12. dont forget about pcp
  13. check out our new site link: http://pcp.clan.pro
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