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  1. Hello Dutchman you told me to try to appeal again in 2 weeks from 21.08 to 03.09 is already 2 weeks Yeah man to be honest with you im sorry for avoding and not respecting the rules and yes i was using the lagswitch and tried to sell it im guilty and i feel bad actually im sorry again and i will never change my SSD/HDD i just changed it i wanted to continue playing, im really addicted to MTA if you can give me a second chance to play on mta servers again and be a normal player without using any kind of bugs cheats and unfair advantage programs i promise you! SSD : * Your serial is: C14625E20BBAC949737BB32423E82F54 HDD : * Your serial is: 4E9943430EF6ABCF08D59FFAD1EB7B93 my HDD im using it now to store games on it i can send you evidence if you want. and the ssd i have the windows installed on it.
  2. Hello dutchman i know you are seeing this and ye i was using and selling lagswitch + serial changing. I am Ra'is. and im not going to do it anymore if you can give me please 1 chance i promise you i wont do this again i can tell you how to do this lagswitch and the code to program it. you got my word as a man * Your serial is: C14625E20BBAC949737BB32423E82F54
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