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  1. The reason why it is so jerky like that is because they have no client side movement prediction. See, if you want smooth play, you need to be recieving at least 30 updates per second, which would give you 30 frames per sec which is ONLY reasonable. But because the network is limited to the amount of bandwidth that can be sent and recieved. Most games will only do around 10 times a second of updates. To calculate the rest - 50 frames or so (provided that you wanted 60fps (50 + 10 frame updates)) the game will try to predict where the entity has moved based on past data and time elapsed if a new
  2. yeah it's semi-interpretted cause it uses the vb runtimes, but the calls to the vb runtime functions somewhat make it easier to discover what it is doing, like i know when it calls the vba__TstGtr (Or whatever the fuck it is)it's checking if a variant data type is greater than a value. Whereas a program made in c for instance uses pure asm (Apart from the dll calls) to deal with data (CMP, TEST etc). Oh yeah and VB loves to break "ASM Rules" by defining it's own calling convention like not putting return values etc in eax register after a function. PS, i don't know how effective your anti-tra
  3. Kill the Tanker: Theres a tank, anyone whos in it aquires kills if they kill someone. When the tank is destroyed, it respawns somewhere random and a new person can get in the tank and get kills. fun!
  4. Fine, that client may seem like hes running around with 100 health, but the server will still validate that hes dead and the player that killed him will recieve a score and everyone else in the game will think he died cause the server said so.
  5. Did you read what i said?, the SERVER stores the health, not the client, when you shoot someone, YOUR CLIENT notifies THE SERVER that you shot someone. The server deducts the health stored ON THE SERVER and sends the new health back to the player that was shot. The clients health should only be used as a visual thing. Not something that can effect the game overall. And hacking it so that you made a hack that would hit everyone in the level is alot harder to do especially if the MTA packets are well crypted, alot harder than make an invincibility hack by freezing process memory where the health
  6. protects against infinite health hacks COMPLETELY, unless the computer hosting the server edits the health on the server, hackers CANNOT change their health as the memory for it is being stored on the server machine. The clients health is just a visual thing so changing it won't make them invincible not according to the server.
  7. What i'm saying is that the client works out if the player shot another player then notifies the server what weapon was shot and who they shot.
  8. Ok theres a few other things i have discovered and can help you with. 1. Health stored Client Sided. Now i know that the MTA server has NO interaction with the game code. It is just a "dumb" (not literally) program that forwards game messages on to the other clients within the game. Etc, client sends it X,Y,Z position, server reads and stored it, then sedns that out to the other clients every so often. But IT IS still possible to put health on the server. Firstly we know that when a client joins, there health has to start at 100, so that is easy. Every time a client shoots a player on his
  9. Teleport locations?, the only thing i know of is spawning? are you refering to that? Oh yeah and if the player badly lagged and moved a considerable amount, but having frame numbers in the packet can detect packet loss.
  10. haha yah it's suppose to be perfect dark. Best 64 game ever made!
  11. Oh yeah if MTA need another programmer, i'm always open as long as you don't expect me to work on it every day, maybe 7 hours a week..
  12. Hey, i just checked out MTA and i must say that it is a brillant piece of programming work! I myself am a programmer and have some friendly suggestions/advice on how the playability could be improved. This isn't to insult your work, just some friendly help on how i would improve it if i was working on MTA. Please don't take this as a rude comment. 1. Entity Jerkyness If your not already doing so, when the server sends all the players locations to the server, it also sends the speed at which that item is moving at so on the client machine, the entity can calculate where on the next frame wher
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