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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcwZlS4qDhg Drop a like if you enjoyed it!
  2. Before you beging arguing, the roleplayers. Get your facts right. In BaseMode, there has been plenty of cheating and abusing in which at least the whole A/D Community disliked. You roleplayers, havent experienced any cheating and these sort of things. Me as a clan leader in A/D, I have experienced a tremendous amount of difficulties trying to make "fair" competitions and play "fair" clan wars. Therefore, me and many others players have requsted Mate_ to work on a gamemode which blocks certain things such as transparent textures and so on. This is what he has managed to do so. We also requeste
  3. ======== [ PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION] ======= SUB US: https://www.youtube.com/user/DetonCinema PIN US: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_manager Welcome! Good luck! =============== [ PRIZE] =============== [Winner's prize will be decided within several weeks. Sorry for that] ======== [ CONTENT THAT WILL BE JUDGED] ======= - Color Correction - Amazing Sync - Effects - 3D/2D Motion Tracking - Use of cinematics - A Good Flow - Creativity (The most important key) =============== [ RULES] =============== - NO COPYRIGHTED MUSIC! - Use the INTRO that has been provided - Edit must
  4. Please, Rate, Comment and Sub Much Luv 4 ya'll
  5. MahaZ

    Black Revenge

    Here is a short movie, based on fragments from both GTA Multiplayers, SAMP and MTA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-ge-wFrU4A&lc Make sure to, subscribe, comment, like and favourite. It means a lot to me
  6. way too late. We began with quarter finals
  7. UPDATE:// 8. Polannd 9. Russia 10. Saudi Arabia Have registered. 2 more countries left.
  8. World Cup Rules 1- All participants should come before match 15 minutes and if they dont attend on offical time and waiting of 20 minutes maximum, then it will result their team losing 7-0. 2- No Cheating allowed otherwise it will result full team disqualification from competition 3- No Racism or childlish acting , insulting and crying is not allowed 4- No vechile rush in base 48 and 56 (In new BaseMode you can ) 5- No bugs allowed otherwise it will result a slap from the round by the specific player. 6- Maximum pausing for each team in the match is 4minutes 7- Minimum FPS 20 Maximum
  9. I support the idea of quick connect as in some cases, the server browser doesn't load all servers and in some cases it doesnt load the server that you actually need to join therefore quick connect would be handy in these cases. Despite this, you guys are doing a great job and I hope you continue this effort.
  10. Great hosting service. Admin panel user friendly, servers good no complains from users! This is currently my number 1 host. Cheap and reliable as it says.
  11. Guys, He has just given me a server. Trust me, it is not a lie before he gives out 5 servers get yours now. I just got a server from delux . Thank you!
  12. MTA is getting too familiar with Basemode, however this gamemode would be very nice for the clans that are going to come from samp.
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