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  1. i am same problem,i gress something missing in c:/windows/system32..
  2. i guess some thing mssing in c:/windows/system32/
  3. Q: San Andreas does not start after the MTA:SA splash screen ("stop playing with yourself") finishes loading. A: Try holding down your control key as you start MTA. It should prompt you for where GTA is installed. Make sure you select the correct folder and see if that helps. holding ctrl and select gtasa path still doesn't work.my OS is windows xp sp2,single game work fine.i already trid uninstall gtasa and mtasa and reinstall gtasa mtasa..doesn't work too.i have 1.0 no cd hack english version,and no mod,who can help me out?
  4. i have same problem like you,and my card is 9550 too..
  5. if i use config tool set password then press Save setting&launch server how can i open adminserver?
  6. i have been set password use notebook http://www.cgn.cn/bbs/uploadimage/cgnbb ... 30_143.jpg but when i start MTAServer0.3.1.exe it will say no password set,cant start server why i can't open adminserver? *edit by SM xenex: i removed the big picture as it has nothing to do with mta and its over the allowed size.( takes forever to load)
  7. wax03

    MTAMA Scripting

    alias mta.text { if (!stats == $3) { mta.say $1 Name: $mta.name($1,$2) - ID: $2 - Ping: $mta.ping($1,$2) - Kills: $mta.kills($1,$2) - Deaths: $mta.deaths($1,$2) - Online: $duration($mta.online($1,$2)) - Status: $iif($mta.game($1,$4) == 1,Out Game,In Game) } this is only show myself stats,use !stats still show myself stats,how to let show other people stats?
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