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  1. i just thought the "new and improved" 0.4 would improve fix the errors in 0.3, not create worse ones.
  2. the anti-crash file comes with the game; it's called Uninstall.exe.
  3. minimizing or having another program loads while mta is playing rapes my computer into me restarting.
  4. in .3, i was good because the ppl i played used the automatic guns. i, on the other hand, use cars/fire/shotgun to kill, and they're the most effecient weapons in that version. in .4, the game freezes/dissapropriates me from the game/or the server "blinks" and everyone gets the previous affect but i don't. i suck in .4 because i can't play long enough to kill or be killed by someone without getting disconnected. if i let one of my other computers host the game, i too get disconnected (which doesn't make the internet a problem, and my router is still sending/receiving feed so it's not the rout
  5. other than that, when i load up the game when running the server on my same pc, i'll be playing, die once, then i stop existing in the game. i see people moving around on the radar (at leas that works) and they are talking in chatbox, but everyone is playing on what seems like a different server. i see a model of each person from a certain time in the game, and they don't move. i quit and re-enter the game. works fine, then i'll go into a building or die, and it happens again. it's very annoying, and happens to people on my server, too. ppl keep getting disconnected. i have my ports open, and
  6. how long have you guys been working on this? other than the timelength between the release of the .3r2 or whatever beta, this seems like it was done by 2-3 people in a few weeks of hard work. no new features. i get more errors with .4 than i do with .3r2. the only problem with .3r2 was the glitchiness not of movement, but of the damage system using guns, but that made it more interesting. i held off a mta tournament with 15 ppl for .4, but it doesn't even seem like it was worth the wait. =/ maybe .5?
  7. awesome... about damn time! i hope it was worth the wait.
  8. the contract Rockstar Games and Sony signed was to have them sell the GTA merchandise sold on PS2 exlusively for a specified amount of time. they never said it would only be for PS2 only forever.
  9. i don't remember what i was thinking, lol.
  10. they should have it so you load a generic GTA screen that lets you choose which GTA to load, and edit settings from there.
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