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  1. Stay tuned bkz fans! The almighty immortal of GTA announces his official return upon completion of the SA dm mod! Let the blood spill and the bodies fall, mass murder and chaos reigns! Ok a lil bit hyper I know, but I do really miss the good old days of blasting everyone in sight till they cried mercy I'm hoping for the best for the SA mod. See you all soon, you hope not
  2. * 3 Kick 1 Ban joins. * %KFC%Camaro joins. [{ULK}Kuntz] lol nice nam [GhengisKung] hmm [Grandma] this scazzel guy keeps teleporting and stuff and when I hit him he doesnt get hurt [{ULK}Kuntz] crash [] change your name to 3 kick 2 ban * 3 Kick 1 Ban parts. [%KFC%Camaro] lol [{ULK}Kuntz] lol [%KFC%Gunny] lol [%KFC%Camaro] lmao * 3 Kick n Ban joins. [Killer] ok but i sometimes do cross 500 [{ULK}Kuntz] rofl [Kick n Ban] how much ban in the nick ?? [Killer] but not eevertime [(N2O) Brian] orlando, eu so o brian [{ULK}Kuntz] lmao [abbajabba] killed WeeJay [(N2O) Brian] onde
  3. [18:07] <@[uLK]kefran> that looks beter [18:07] * @[uLK]kefran GÏVʧ BleednKuntz M&M's (m) (m) (m) (m) (m) mmmm they're good !!! [18:07] <%hopesfall> finally got one in.. damn its burning [18:07] <@BleednKuntz> its like you are trying to communicate with me, I know it. [18:08] <@[uLK]kefran> lool [18:08] <@BleednKuntz> !!! [18:08] <@BleednKuntz> hopesfall, they have cream for that [18:08] <@[uLK]kefran> too bad there aren't any disgusting things in this script [18:08] <@[uLK]kefran> £aughing Õut £oudly
  4. /me agrees with kung thats what help make it a good game, well any game a good onlline mp game . . server rules are set by owner/admin, people dont agree they dont play there hell I stopped playing on official a few days before it went down cause I couldnt control my mouth . . err typing enough not to call someone a kunt
  5. I understand some rules like on ULK server with no heli killing at RS . . that I completly understand . . nothing worse than having a good duel and a heli choppin everyone up but otherwise I play MTA by this rule Killing is necessary, how you kill is up to you.
  6. just wanted to point out the set up [01:39] <{ULK}SexyB> whoever says "im deathbs bitch" first gets a suprise [01:39] <[4D]Prontera> DeathB is my bitch [01:39] <{ULK}SexyB> ... [01:39] <{ULK}SexyB> SAY IT [01:39] <[4D]Prontera> fine =( [01:39] <[4D]Prontera> imnot deathbs bitch [01:39] <{ULK}SexyB> ... [01:39] I'm Deathbs bitch? [01:39] * BleednKuntz takes it dry [01:40] <{ULK}SexyB> SUPRISE!
  7. BleednKuntz

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    uhm ROFLMFAO! man been awhile since I laughed that hard
  8. Here's the order GTA (City names Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas) GTA London 1969 GTA London 1961 GTA Directors Cut (Includes xtra missions for GTA and London with link to dl 1961) GTA 2 GTA 3 GTA:VC and soon GTA:SA That would be 8, making GTA:SA, GTA 8 And if you want to get real technical, they released GTA1 for DOS originaly, then later re-released GTA for windows, then again rereleased it so it would take both DOS and Windows(Director's Cut), so technicaly you could count those as GTA releases, taking the count up two more to ten, making SA, GTA 10 . . ya I think 4 wil
  9. it's prolly two kids, laughing hard, cause they whacked your irc server. Ya big joke haha
  10. Darky on party server, the best is he says and I quote "everyone else cheats and flies cars, I do it and I get kicked or banned for it" ya a cheater that is the victim, at least in his eyes. Witnessed him two days in a row, landed cars in front of me, speed hacks with caddy and other unusually fast vehicles. Not usually the firetruck for once . .guess it's less conspicuous that way
  11. I've hated counter strike since the day it was created, I used to hang out in thier channel in irc for awhile, but the game was really stolen off teh glory of Rainbow 6, if itw asn't for R6 there never would have been CS. The guys that created it were cool guys when they started . . just anothe rbunch of mod makers with an unoriginal idea, but a new idea for the Half Life engine, eventually, through time and popularity, they became complete fucking assholes . . ooo we have Valve helping us now . . well big fucking deal, they screwed TFC and the rest of the HL modding community while CS got he
  12. I see two leaders rappin and braggin Slappin, dawgin and bangin Some talk about smokin Some talk about tokin All I see is ego's floatin All this rhymin is wack Just to talk a little smack Cause I suck y'all Gonna give me flak Just one more thing to say And the last is 140 million sperm And you were the fastest? Your daddy's should have left Your tadpole ass swimming down the mattress
  13. found these guys on the party server, sag&lid, Gtheft and I caught a night or two before. Lover was speed hacking and sag health and speed hacks looks like the boys formed a new cheater clan here's a screenie of thier names. No it wasn't lag either, lover was zipping across starfish strip to beach and back.
  14. funny this gets brought up, I remember the first few days with GTA 3 on the PS2, it seemed like it was urban warfare training . . just a thought
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