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  1. my controls freeze sometimes, it use to happen if im in a hydra or hunter and fire of rockets, then suddently one of the keys get stuck, like turning left or right or up/down all the time, making it impossible to control planes....if i then hit the p key for the adminpanel or get in a car, controls gets fine again, but only some seconds and some jey start freezing again.
  2. u did hit me, took almost most of my armor when i was on the ground and u trow fire at me, it was like...well, i heard the fire turned on, but it was like u trow the molli tru the wall lol gg
  3. its broked (actually got this screenshot for awhile)
  4. atm its rammstein - tier / das modell live or asche zu asche, i just LOVE their guitars , sounds so neat
  5. http://liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov/academy/un ... _bang.html quote - The Big Bang Theory is the dominant scientific theory about the origin of the universe. i my self cant belive that everything came from nothing, but ... i dunno
  6. erm lol, that'll be the "i dont wanna know" option
  7. Like Ransom, i would love to see how the universe starts, i mean big bang and stuff (woulnt stand to close tho ) wtf is the universe, it could be a particle in a atom in another world ever thinked of that? , and about cheating the stockmarked, if u have al true knowlegde about the past im sure u could be very rich too only thing i wanna see in the future should be next weeks lotto numbers , about i could be warned if a car some day drive me over..well i suck at remember day's so i will have in mind that its next week i gonna die, but it will first happen two weeks after, and if i forget i
  8. Mine was when my hdd died, i had made so many maps to a game (Delta Force - Black hawk down) and had spend amount of time on em, and after a reboot it wouldnt start up...no boot device ...and i was like : Lucky i know a guy who know about 4568 times more about computers than me, so i went to him, and i was so lucky the hdd wasnt 100 % dead, it could atleast be seen in dos on his system, so he could copy all my files to his hdd, its a simpel command : Open DOS Write: xcopy C:\myfiles F:\myfiles /s That will copy the folder (cant remember how to create folders in dos, but just create
  9. Haha, chode got beated up pretty bad , here is another pic to humiliate chode....public Nothing wrong with woman char's in mta tho, but when chode spawn as it, its funny ....Censur = Just concentrate on chode. Miss ya to scorp , good times in mta we had, hope to see u back in mta soon, or msn atleast ....until then...be cool man. and chode.....im just kidding ...no im not
  10. I heard the sound of broken glass when i got shot throug the windows, i really laughed my ass of , it was very ironic, apperently i got that deathstifness (rigor mortis ) immedially after death, coz my legs hanging in midt air
  11. oh, i postet to late i guess...whatever....then I can be the new dobbeltposter/spammer, i start my noobish carrier with this dobbleposting edit : j/k, but now i have 8 posts
  12. Somebody just have to much time (Mr. tough though thug duck), or u just type very fast...Wow the VCA1 tread just got 14 pages full of nothing at all but ownage and ..ALOT of :O's, in 3 days So, Mr. tough though thug duck, sry about ur ban, but u seriously asked for it, we could had fun with ur new "clan", but just from the start of ur "clan" u start making it very unpopular, and thats, erm......WEIRD man, like u think u getting respect or some ...But now i think all know exacly why u got banned, and i think u also see it urself I just wanted the last word , DONT REPLY (unless u want a
  13. lolol thug..U can swear well, the truth is that after i banned u, PSY said "thx alot" to me.....and [FMJ]Draken said : "u shuld had done that long time ago" and the 3th guy also said THANK U UFFE (with big letters ), and the last guy...erm, cant remember ,...but do u realize now that we actually didnt like u??????, u getting nowhere with that attitude!!!, now pls dont bother the fmj section with ur crap, and go and play tetris or some, coz u really dont belong in mta THIS IS NOT UR BUISNESS UFFE, SO STFU...haha, if this isnt prove enough for ur attitudeproblem, then i dont really now w
  14. I banned =tao=thug for : being a fucking fool in the chat, and ruin the games for us other!!! we had a sailor war....and appenrently thug got killed so much that he start saying shit to all who was there...ex: U FUCKING TWAT..and U FUCKING FRENCH FUCK, GO FUCK URSELF...stuff like that, u all know how a real idiot sound like........i told him nicely to calm down..but he said : THIS IS NOT UR FUCKING BUISNESS UFFE, SO STFU....well, it IS my buisness as admin on the server to make sure ppl behave probebly in there....and u really really pissed ppl off with ur shit-talk, and i got a big THANX fro
  15. i have no firewall....but my internetdialer have one......does that matter? how do i put my server on ASE and what do the hostnumber have to be? and where do i changes the ports of my router (is that the same as "internetdialer").....? wOOt..??
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