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  1. Yeah, I'm a newbie too and this is what I am waiting for. Like a lot of people this will either give me the YES or NO I need from this mod.
  2. So you can play a deathmatch of something, but you can only see YOU not other players?!
  3. Ok, I'll take your word for it until I play the game. I just couldn't fathom how it was going to be done, like splitting the maps into smaller sections etc?!
  4. Woah hang on a sec, I was just getting used to being a MTA newbie...and now were all jumping ship?! Hang on...wait for me!
  5. So many of the posts on this forum are written in ‘geek’, a strange internet language I don’t speak. Wot = what C = see Y = why etc... Not to mention some of the crazy punctuation! I don’t want to start a flame war, but it does make it hard to read, surely I am not alone in my view?
  6. I will do when I buy the game again, I completed it and then traded it in. If its (lag) a killer during a LAN, that worries me a bit, but then again I have not tried v0.3
  7. Ok, I have been playing the GTA series for years and (apart from the shit GTA2) have loved every aspect of the game(s). A friend and I had a really good idea for a online GTA3, and I knew it would not be long until someone had a go at doing it. There are just endless things that can be done, simply infinate possibilities! However, I have to ask a question... "WHAT ABOUT LAG?!" Surely in a 'world' as large as GTA3 it would be impossible to get a decent frame-rate, unless you have your own personnal T3 line! I myself have a 512k cable modem, the fastest possible in the UK...but I cant see it coping with this. Can anyone answer my question? Thanks in advance.
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