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  1. Hi, yes, Payhip is free and safe.
  2. Hi guys, what could be wrong with this code? function openInventory(Element) if (pElement) then if (showInventory) then showLeft = false else showInventory = true showLeft = true end triggerServerEvent("getElementItems", localPlayer, localPlayer, pElement, 2) activeSide = "bag" if getElementType(pElement) == "vehicle" then vehBoot = pElement if not getElementData(pElement, "veh >> bootOpened") then triggerServerEvent("toggleTrunk",localPlayer,pElement,1) setElementData(pElement, "veh >> bootOpened", true) end end end end
  3. Hi there. I would like to sell the projects I currently have. The way to know is that it is not complete, it lacks 1-2 things, but the basic systems are fully functional. I made the server with a few people. (Dom, Patrik) For the mode, if you contact me in a private message plus I can give you a Facebook page and a domain address, for this, I can even give you a forum if needed, but these are not included in the basic price. If you have any questions please ask me in the form of a private message and I will respond. Thanks! Sincerely, Eddison. Images from the server: https://imgur.com/a/sZkRN8a Buy: https://payhip.com/b/CswBm
  4. Hi there. I would like to give you my own 3d model. If you need more information, write in private. Buy: https://payhip.com/b/QtYy6 Video:
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