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  1. مثل اذ تبي السكربت هذا الجميع يستخدمه حاول تسوي له تحديثات ما بين فتره وفتره وتضيف فيه مميزات جديدة زي وضع ماركر اخذ فلوس او وضع اوبجكتات او وضع شخصية وغيره كثير يعني من الافكار جديدة
  2. افضل السكربتات و المابات الي سويته او جربته نبي نشوف ابدعات مبرمجين العرب انشاء الله الكل يشارك ب الموضوع هذا عام طبعأ . - The best scripts and maps that I have done or tried, we will see the innovations of Arab programmers, God willing, everyone will participate in this topic, of course. This is a year.
  3. Hello if there is anyone from the MTA team I have a problem my server UDP Port stopped working you can't see my server in the browser MTA game I tried to contact support in Discord and I updated the systems to the latest versions and also updated my MTA server files The latest versions, but there may be a block on my server and I want to verify and ask the team about this problem, and there is no one who can solve this problem. I tried to disable the private firewall in the VPS and did all the things, but this problem was not resolved Is there a server ban My own I want someone from the team to reply to me and what is the reason for the block if there is a block on a server !!
  4. my VPS firewall was disabled i didn`t run it
  5. support i need help cuz when i start my server the server did not show in search but players can join and download the server and i disabled the firewall of VPS Port 22005 TCP is open. Port 22003 UDP is closed. Port 22126 UDP is closed. I have uploaded a company report on my server They replied that the problem lies in Prot MTI. Can I open a UDP Prot !!
  6. المود واضح متعوب عليه من 0 اهنيك
  7. Gta-AG GangWars Ultimate Gaming اليوم بعلن لكم عن سيرفر جديد ادارة السيرفر iNawaF DeathNote Twinze96 AnonMoon معلومات السيرفر mtasa:// IP TeamSpeak3 : #AG1 https://discord.gg/XUP8cSHSM8 - لم يتم افتتاح السيرفر لحد الان الافتتاح اليوم الساعه 9:30م بتوقيت مـكة المكرمة حــياكم الله جميع ف ذالك راح يكون في توزيع فيب قولد اول 3 اشخاص توزيع فلوس لانشرات بكجات خلاطات مسابقات فعاليات حرب الكلانات الساعه 11
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