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  1. Hello if there is anyone from the MTA team I have a problem my server UDP Port stopped working you can't see my server in the browser MTA game I tried to contact support in Discord and I updated the systems to the latest versions and also updated my MTA server files The latest versions, but there may be a block on my server and I want to verify and ask the team about this problem, and there is no one who can solve this problem. I tried to disable the private firewall in the VPS and did all the things, but this problem was not resolved Is there a server ban My own I want someone from the team to reply to me and what is the reason for the block if there is a block on a server !!
  2. my VPS firewall was disabled i didn`t run it
  3. support i need help cuz when i start my server the server did not show in search but players can join and download the server and i disabled the firewall of VPS Port 22005 TCP is open. Port 22003 UDP is closed. Port 22126 UDP is closed. I have uploaded a company report on my server They replied that the problem lies in Prot MTI. Can I open a UDP Prot !!
  4. المود واضح متعوب عليه من 0 اهنيك
  5. Gta-AG GangWars Ultimate Gaming اليوم بعلن لكم عن سيرفر جديد ادارة السيرفر iNawaF DeathNote Twinze96 AnonMoon معلومات السيرفر mtasa:// IP TeamSpeak3 : #AG1 https://discord.gg/XUP8cSHSM8 - لم يتم افتتاح السيرفر لحد الان الافتتاح اليوم الساعه 9:30م بتوقيت مـكة المكرمة حــياكم الله جميع ف ذالك راح يكون في توزيع فيب قولد اول 3 اشخاص توزيع فلوس لانشرات بكجات خلاطات مسابقات فعاليات حرب الكلانات الساعه 11
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