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  1. Wow! Shit I can only imagine the lines of code that must of gone into that monster That is very very impressive! God I would never have imagined that being possible. MTA Team you should release a stand alone ingame map editor which just puts the id and position into GTA's IPL format, that would be great for map editors!
  2. I completly agree, that was very very well written. Along time ago when I used to play mta I could never understand why it took the team so long to make a release that didnt crash and that worked fully with everything synched down to the beach ball, and I ended up getting bord and modding mta. Half a year later I started working on my own multiplayer, and relalized that multiplayers dont take a day to make, nor several weeks. Because im sure as the MTA team knows you want a good release so you dont get the community bitching about bugs, which does take a good while... Good things take time.
  3. OMG Im a kiwi Im in Wellington where do you guys live? Auckland probably
  4. I am a gtac team member, i know many things but i am NOT allowed to say. And some of ure statements are NOT true, like the directx we have a team member who is experienced in this and we are getting help from some1 even more experienced. We MAY use the scm, we have investigated injecting scm commands and this it is very likely it will be used.
  5. Well maybe im not the best to tell u about gtac, but i will describe what has been done and what we are aming for. GTAC so far we are working on the netcode and we have managed to make extremely small data packets. The direct x hooking is currently in progress, we are doing alot of memory hacking and have found ways to inject scm code into vice on the fly, and control vice alot better. I cannot say much more because the rest is just for the team to know until we are ready to release more info.
  6. Hey magical guy, what gtac has that all the other stupid mp mods out there that ex mta cheaters are making is that we have a team of amazing coders, that have years of experience. So dont go posting when you know nothing about gtac.
  7. had to post , im one of gtac's scm coders. And i think you can all expect good things from this mp mod. We've got some screens hope to be releasing some of them soon Cya ThE_cHeEsE
  8. didnt want to start a new topic so i thought my question was right for this topic. Will there be a directx hacked symbol when people are chatting im sure if u can put a enu and and a cursor in vc im sure u can put a symbol above players heads when there chatting. Just an idea im sure its been brought up before. ThE_cHeEsE
  9. So just wanted to get an understanding on this, will the server copy all the edited version on the server admins vc then send them and when the client recieves them it installes them? have i got the right idea?
  10. lol MrBump i wasnt being serious:p, anyway guys this is amazing, never thought that in such a small time (kind of small) you could improve mta so much.
  11. WTF!! how did u guy synch rocket lanchers, ive been moding vc for a year and a half i know what can and cant be done!! but ive been proved wrong! Shit and all the new directx things, like the resume menu. And also just remebering actors cant do drive by's, i can explain the synching of rocket lanchers but drive bys its not possible. One other question: did rockstar give u the source code for vc, great job mta team, cant wait 4 a release
  12. Well its just a timer, which times , its like a stopwatch anyway i made a new version this one has the option do display the text in the bottom left corner or the upper left corner so its the same link as before just click on the link on my above post
  13. hey lol just made a topic about this, i just release a gtavc/mta timer go to the other mods section
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