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  1. I think it best to remain with 10000 health and respawn and restart the route again once its destroyed. Would bug me to death to get a noob to almost certain death for him to lamely catch the bus Erm or even me to do that lol
  2. I was hoping in Blue we can add a taxi service which is automated by your own selection,i.e you pick the destination, it takes you to your selected area, hence why I started the bus project, Hope this is possible and I haven't done this for nothing
  3. Hey nice to see you inflames me has missed you from MTA and look forward to playing SA with you, I agree with your comments as an oldskool player coming out of retirement to return to MTA, I wish the MTA team all the best I'm sure the new releases heading our way will be good:P
  4. Currently I am using the bus think I will convert to the coach tho thanx for that oh my base code is now completed and the bus runs on a rail system with no bugs as yet, still testing it had to change my basic coding and do a rethink which runs way better now, started to work on an AI system for stopping times i.e if no player is near the bus the bus will only stop for 5 seconds and if a player is in the area it will wait 30 seconds to allow time for boarding . I could do with some help in doing collision detection as the bus stops when a car or player obstructs the route, maybe a dri
  5. Sweet idea can't wait to get my fat little chops into this, keep up the good work
  6. As of yet I havent used a driver, if I could add one that could not be removed on entry I would just for asthetic reasons only, if the driver was a fixed addition to the bus I.E spawns with the bus into the create_car commands before and after the bus has been wrecked, then all will have the driver seen sat in the driver seat regardless of having to synch a ped or not surely, I'm not 100% sure of this but if everyone has a driver/dummy coded in then they all see it whether it does nothing at all but sit there, is that right ???? Is it possible to only allow a player to enter the bus as a pas
  7. Erm nifty AI is beyond me yet as I am still noobish to SCM however your right it does run on a rail system. The bugs I need to iron out are the bus strays at certain locations so more points to be added, and yes I have already allowed 10 to 15 second delays to main stops and 0 seconds to non-stop points, the other bug to sort out is if the bus is bashed into the drive_ point it does desturb the buses route as it has to go back thro that point to drive to next area . I have only been working on it for 3 days and am willing to pass the code on to someone who could develope the idea further tha
  8. I have currently finished some scm coding to get 2 buses to run round VC in single player, I have some slight bugs to work out before it is completed , My question is are the MTA team gonna add a bus service to Blue at all, or even an automated taxi service, erm just asked as im too lazy to drive and my driving skills sux but I do think it would be a good idea to do so.
  9. I think the stubbie should go back to the way it was in 0.3 so the crouch/glitch is eliminated and the other weapons brought up more powerful to balance the whole thing out. In general tho I find the easiest way to pawn a stubby whore is to hit them from any distance with the M60, M60 pwns all if the person learns to use it
  10. you mean ASSASSINS im sure its spelt that way but if your american and its spelt different I apologise. Anyways good luck with the clan
  11. teenwolf

    *TLR* CLAN

    For sure we will hey and thanx Drake. We know the standards we gotta reach and we aint far off already I think, looking forward to fighting you all So we can see what we got
  12. Fought a friendly last night with UVA, was a good battle and a good game, well done UVA : VCES 2------UVA 1 Was the thriller in vanilla type of game
  13. OK sorry for the insults but it already got personal when you brought our clans name into the topic as an example I explained in my first post that I didn't mind them but in clan matches. Thats all. Oh and it is in an open space not when confined to avoid heli's and cars, but a base is confining, also when you defended you started to attack, that aint a defence to come to Wash PD to get a few helikills quickly, good job I was in one to take both your out. Btw it's not my place to tell the leader anything, a decision was reached and his decision is final ,of which I will stand by 100%, end
  14. teenwolf


    Yep fraid so, Nikl laggy lol and anyone else that owns them
  15. Obviously you cant read or your plainly simple, I was trapped on the steps at the time so I had nowhere to go my bad. So I couldnt escape a laggy chopper coming my way. Also I agree with heli's and car kills being used in DM games just not in clanwars ,yep Heli's and cars are easy to avoid but you failed to notice I said that Duh Plus I aint always on the clans server I play on the party server a lot also to learn to avoid heli's and shoot da laggers, it is better training for me Also if you read I said I just hate lame bastards that repeat the process to the point of abuse , one offs do
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