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  1. Hello, it's Antichrist again. At my previous appeal I got declined because of this savedd :~. But I think enough time passed to realizing that I am not a part of the starting that subject. If we come to our subject; As you know I got a global ban cuz of bypass testing. Okay, I deserve a ban but isn't permanent ban is much? Dear admins, my request is reducing my ban to 1-2 months or unbanning me. I would be really happy If i get a unban and I promise that I won't do any activity that may be harmful for MTA or MTA community. My serial is B6003BCAF70F04FDB285FCC2E6BB5A02 thanks f
  2. About six months ago, I got a global permanent ban because of bypass testing. I understand my mistake, and I promise that I will never do it again. I just realized that I don't enjoy any other games than MTA. I am studying for University exam and I can't have any hobbies nowadays because of the coronavirus. Also, I can say that I tried to bypass something but I never used anything in game; you can ask DD players I am clean or not If it's possible I want a unban or converting my perma ban to temporary ban please. My serial is -> B6003BCAF70F04FDB285FCC2E6BB5A02 thanks fo
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