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  1. To keep it simple and (sorta short), I started playing MTA around 2009. I messed around with racing and freeroam servers and got my PvP skills up before I started playing heavily on TDM and zombie servers, which was definitely a blast in that era. I ultimately stopped playing around 2014 and just recently came back in late 2020 after I was able to get my personal life straightened out, and I have noticed that servers have definitely improved as far as their resources go over the past 6-7 years, which is fascinating to me considering I thought that SA multiplayer was dead, and boy was I wrong. This is one of the only times I loved to be wrong. But aside from my MTA history, I have noticed that English zombie servers are almost extinct on MTA. I know that there is a few, but it's almost like an endless revolving door with repetition as far as character development and grinding. The one I do play on now is one that I am helping moderate and build up to gain a good playerbase, but aside from that, it seems that they fell off of the face of the Earth. That raises a sense of concern for me, as I was planning on opening an apocalyptic-style realism server that is similarly based on a "zombie roleplay" gamemode, if you will. The rough draft on the idea is pretty much a nuclear accident that spreads radiation all over SA and causes mutations in the citizens. The basis around the idea is very similar to roleplay and DayZ altogether, which is trying to practice realism while playing. Gathering parts to make vehicles run, loot, different mutations, high rad zones, crafting and building, different ammo types, etc. Of course though, this is only a rough draft idea that doesn't go very in depth, so it sounds vague and unprofessional at first glance, but if I decide to develop it, the lore and idea will be much more thorough and professional. But my question is, since English zombie servers themselves are on a decline, would an idea similar to mine even flourish in MTA in 2021? Would an English zombie server itself even flourish in MTA now?
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