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  1. I have edited an inventory in its entirety but what I don't know is how to make a link between one function or another, for example in this script I have the id of a key for the vehicle and I have implemented it in the car store so that when they buy it a Vehicle comes out of inventory but it doesn't work, what am I doing wrong? Inventory end elseif itemID == 17 then triggerServerEvent("checkCarKey",localPlayer,localPlayer,DBID,itemValue) Carshop Script setVehicleColor(vehicle, r1, g1, b1, r2, g2, b2) setElementData(vehicle, "Owner", source) local NewID = getFreeID()
  2. It throws an error I do not understand much what it is about I suppose it is because it asks me for an administrator permission but I am an administrator in acl it still throws the error the script calls a level 5 administrator I would appreciate the help
  3. This script is not working it has an assigned acl group Police and the script should only give permissions to those of that group, but the truth is that everyone can open the panel who can guide me Grupo = { "Policial" } -- Grupos do Painel P, que terá acesso ao DX ! function isPlayerOnGroup2 ( thePlayer ) local account = getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) local inGroup = false for _, group in ipairs ( Grupo ) do if isObjectInACLGroup ( "user.".. getAccountName ( account ), aclGetGroup ( group ) ) then inGroup = true break end end
  4. This is my third post, the truth is that I like it because I am learning functions and I have a question with this script I still do not know how to handle the acl but I have a doubt with this since I remove the acl permission from a user and it still comes out the panel when as I understand it should not come out anymore Grupo = { "Policial" } function isPlayerOnGroup2 ( thePlayer ) local account = getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) local inGroup = false for _, group in ipairs ( Grupo ) do if isObjectInACLGroup ( "user.".. getAccountName ( account ), aclGetGrou
  5. the next line throws me acl error, i'm starting to learn but i'm working on this, not really what is the label to put on the acl why use Work and follow the error aclGroupRemoveObject (aclGetGroup(Trabalho), "user."..accName) Here is my code snippet function Pedir_Demissao (source) local Trabalho = getElementData ( source, "Emprego" ) or "Desempregado" if Trabalho == "Desempregado" then exports.hy_info:showBoxS(source, "Você não está empregado para se demitir.", "error") return end setElementData ( source, "Emprego", "Desempregado" ) exports.hy_info:showBoxS(source, "Você de d
  6. ok, it worked for me so it was badly structured the code really worked now I'm putting it into practice with the other scripts
  7. the truth still keeps throwing me inside 6 and not inside 0 as I want it to work, the marker is supposed to be inside 6 and I want the vehicle to appear inside 0 what I really want is for that marker that is inside 6 to send me inside 0 I'm going to share the complete fragment here local mrk = createMarker(254.03366, 78.57809, 1003.64062 -1, "cylinder", 1.5, 70,130,85) setElementInterior(mrk,6) local destroyM = createMarker(-2408.79712, -590.94116, 132.64844 -1, "cylinder", 3, 255, 0, 0) -- Abrir painel addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", mrk, function(onHit) if getElem
  8. Hello friends I have a question about this fragment of code, the marker is in the department of the saints (interior 6) its function is to be able to choose a vehicle which I want to appear in the police garage (interior 0) my question is how I would do so that the interior can be invoked 0 veh3 = {} function spawnVehicle() if veh3[source] and isElement( veh3[source] ) then destroyElement(veh3[source]) veh3[source] = nil end veh3[source] = createVehicle(523, 1586.75207, -1671.39477, 6.61896) setElementInterior(spawnVehicle,0) warpPedIntoVehicle(source, veh3[sour
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