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  1. I tryed to make 'em walk but no sucses Here is the code function pedLoad ( ) ped1 = createPed ( 56, 1178, -1323, 14.1 ) setPedRotation( ped1, 315 ) setTimer(setPedAnimation, 5000, 1, ped1,"ped","WOMAN_walknorm",-1,true,true,true ) setTimer(setPedRotation, 1000, 1, ped1,"ped", 77 ) end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(), pedLoad ) Any ideas
  2. Thanks but how to make them move as civilians
  3. OK but can you tell me how to add peds to the server
  4. DP2.3 is a Player not a BOT
  5. Hi there, Its me again, I was making my server till i didnt join another server in the nightly where i saw people (bot) walking HOW? I want too I someone knows pls tell me
  6. Ok, Can you post here the most interesting of the gamemode please
  7. You have to start a gamemode and a map : Type in the console start "cdm" whithout quotes and you are ready to play cdm
  8. Hi all ! I was reading the mta wiki page and in resourses i saw "greenhood" gamemode - rpg/freeroam/stunt (coming soon) Could someone explain thi gamemode to me if he knows
  9. Ok, but can somboby tell me te IDs of the markers (like ammunation (ID6))
  10. Hi there, I have a few questions 1 - I have a server map - freeroam, but I want the player to have only 1 spawn point (no select) 2 - I want to make a few missions 3 - Add register/login on startup 4 - Make teleportation markers (like ammunation) Thats it
  11. Hey there, I have a problem when I am trying to start the new nightly bulds (anyone) the OLD were just perfect (r608 or somthing like that) PLS Get em back or someone just give me one of them
  12. Thanks, but i still dont get it If you explain me what excacly to do ... I will be happy
  13. Well, i really dont know but Ive been doing my server and ive tried it in "LAN" ... it worked but i stil dont know how to put it on the server list . PP: I can se your server in the server list
  14. Hi all! I have 1 stupid question, but i really need the awnser Is it possible to run my server on the server list whithout a router, cause i dont have a router
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