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  1. Hi people, I'm sharing a new version of a bridge connecting Los Santos and Angel Pine. It's a remake of the work that you can see at this video: This version is an OPEN BETA FREE. It means that need some mapping and/or scripting to make it better. Anyway, it's totally functional - at least on my tests. Feel free to change, improve, extend or whatever. Route screenshot: Screenshots of the map, from left to right according to the image above. Pay attention to the FIRST IMAGE to see that's not just a crap bridge dropped on the floor. As you can see, need a bit
  2. Hello people, I'm a mapper and would like to share - free - some of my works for you. I've been developing maps for almost 10 years, but it never been used for several reasons. So, i think someone can appreciate and use them, adapting, modifying or whatever. Enjoy. GENERAL INFO - The mapping style is minimalist and functional. It means that you will not find here fountains squirting lighting chip's or other similar stuff. Feel free to modify and do that if you want. - Everything done in the MTA Map editor, don't need scripts to access the files. - Some maps needs
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