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  1. booo a stubby war is as good as it gets "except for mta blue "
  2. no jon , i mean an extra mode turned on by admin
  3. not a permanent mode tho , just a extra mode lol , cuz deathmatch will always be needed
  4. such as cop killing cop = 3 warnings then kick. robber killing robber = 3 warnings then kick and so fourth
  5. i have a very good idea for this new mode if its is made . if admin sets up team mode "" "" then if you kill one of your own kind then it will be a autokick , such as if the game mode is turned on the admin will read the blips of all the peepz. then if your own teamate is killed then it will give you like 3 warnings and then a kick. intresting huh ? please make it happen mta team
  6. im really hooked on this , but does any one have a clue when this will be coming out ?
  7. theres upsides and downsides with money in mta blue
  8. gtagamer , your post about mta blue would be quite disturbing if u ask me , be cuz during gangwars or just any regular gameplay mode , the pedestrains will just get in the way majorly ,. i like the idea of buying proprtey tho. and the money would be great. also , i think each spawn needs more ammo, and please dont start the spawn off with just a pistol like in gta3 . spawn with regular guns . or for even the more ultimate fun maybe the mta team can make it were you can choose your character and choose your own guns. does anybody agree with the wep select
  9. MTA blue needs many more spawns
  10. this blue thing has really got me going , i must add a few things. MTA blue needs every character usable , such as haitions, and cubans, and every character possible in single character, and if that cant happen then t least make it were all gangs in single player can be used and a few popular spawns like in .3 and .4 ,i would like the sailor to be misplaced and taking over for a air force soilder like on single player , the airbase has army dudes guarding , the air force solider should take place for sailor also a new game mode called like turf wars or something 1 gang vs another gang and if
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