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  1. $25-$30 threw paypal. For less than that price, if you have a Playstation, you could just buy San Andreas and play two player on that with peds and traffic?
  2. Everything actually turned slo-mo? I know the adreneline pill in Stunt Mode used to make the screen sway as if you were drunk, similar to one of Phil's missions, but in real time. Is that what you mean? If it actually went slo-motion then err.....ideas anyone?
  3. Snowman

    Capture the Flag

    I suppose if everyone in the server listen you could pursaude a group of them to play Catch The Whoopie. If you play GTA3:MTA there's a game mode where you have to catch the Securicar and take it back to your teams base. I suppose thats based around Capture The Flag.
  4. then whats the purpose of the bar at all? if its such trouble to update, make a PHP control for the bars and what %, whats illuminated. if you are not going to be updated, i dont really see the purpose of the bars at all. that space might as well read: [WID] Problem is, I bet if the bars are gone, I've got a bad feeling a lot of people will lose interest in Blue's development. Although the percentage bars may be inaccurate, it still gives some people a little security and knowledge no one has forgotten about Blue.
  5. Yeah, online has had a great effect on both games, each being good in its own specific way. Vice City, having a lot more servers, a bigger map and a larger array of weaponary and car chases, including helicopters. However, if it's a community you're looking for, personally I'd go with GTA3, which at the moment is my favourite of the two for online play. Although there are less servers, it does mean there is a greater sense of community among players. It is slightly better synchronised and in my opinion chases in Dodo's are a lot more fun than in helictopers. Both games are £20 (about $35?
  6. But isn't the name of this game Grand Theft Auto? One of the main concepts in this game IS to run people over? What do you do half the time in Single Player? This is Vice City...or Liberty City...people. Anything can happen out there. That's what makes multiplayer so fun and unpredictable. I understand that it can get frustrating when you've worked for a kill and if someone takes it from a car, but thats the unpredictability of this game. I honestly dont see the point of the team working so hard to synchronise cars if most players make up unwritten rules that you can't use them to go on
  7. Muhahahaaa i'm up for the challenge ...i'll probably be crap and end up losing the challenge...but i'm up for it nonetheless!
  8. I personally go for the longer range weapons, like the M16 and Ruger, find a good roof top somewhere and snipe off some players from a good distance. Heheh. This is why I can't wait for the sniper to come out Of course, you get all the flames of people out there screaming "Camper" at the top of their voices whereas they don't seem to realise why long range weapons were included online. But that's going a little off topic, so i'll get back on. I sometimes go for the stubby on one of those days, where you've had a really bad day at school, and reeeally need to vent on some people lol.
  9. I can sort of see where you're coming from. Most people spawn as robbers nowerdays and it becomes a lot harder even escape from Phil's Place after spawning lol. However, despite although the stubby is becoming an extremely easy weapon to kill others with (and lets face it, in real life i doubt you'd last long being shot with one at point blank people lol) but the stubby does provide some good End Game standoffs. There's a lot of good points and both bad about that stubby. Although like i said earlier, i can see your point, I really hope people won't be complaining when the Sniper or Rock
  10. What are you going to do? Run up to someone at point blank with one?
  11. *Wonders where that came from*
  12. I suppose an official anti cheat system could be intergrated, like PunkBuster for example, or something similar. I know this isn't new and has been suggested, but it really works wonders for games such as America's Army.
  13. My theory with loser-pansy-script kiddie-gametrash, is that they really are too rubbish at the game and find the simplest of tasks too difficult - so they make a mod to play it for them...
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