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  1. This is amazing, thank you!
  2. I used dxSetBlendMode to fix the quality, and it worked, but if it's rotated... right side is not rotated, left side is and it became ugly again. How can I fix this?
  3. Thank you, it looks like it's working perfectly, but any ideas on improving the quality? And I don't understand the outlines, the original image doesn't even have them.
  4. Hey everyone, I require some help with my project: I want to make a circle shaped progress bar, so 100% is a full circle, 50% is half circle... My first attempt was dxDrawCircle, but it's very ugly and requires a lot of resources if I'm not wrong. The second attempt was using an image of a circle + dxDrawImageSection. The only problem is that the section is rectangular and this way it can make it ugly at certain values because it just cuts the circle at values like 21%, 41%, etc. It looks good at 25%, 50%, etc. Is there a way to determine the section to draw in a circular (circle sector) shape? So it wouldn't cut the image horizontally and/or vertically. I made a fast representation about this. https://imgur.com/a/e0Cdwjo Or is there a way to draw a non-pixelated circle? This whole thing would be easy with dxDrawCircle, but the quality ruins it. Thank you for your time!
  5. Hi everyone! I am looking for the animation that your character does when someone shoots you in the arm with a sniper. Any ideas how to find it?
  6. This was a great help, thank you! I made some modifications, walking now is always forced and I also added left/right/backwards movement. It seems like it's working just like I imagined, thanks again!
  7. Hey everyone! I'd like to make a script that makes my character walk insted of running without pressing the walk button. So the default movement should be walking. I don't know how to start, any ideas please?
  8. I have no idea. I made some research, setting 85.5 for max velocity in the handling results in 100 km/h indeed. To maximum 200 km/h the handling must be 168.5. What's the logic in this? At low speed there are no differences, setting 10 in handling results in 10 km/h. But why are they different at higher speeds? And what's the logic in it, because I don't see any, just random numbers.
  9. Geralt

    [HELP] Hitbox

    Hello, Is there a way to improve the hitboxes on the server? Some people are saying that the hitbox is bad, but I don't know what could make it bad or good. Or are they just looking for excuses for getting killed? Thanks for reading!
  10. Thank you! I'll look into it.
  11. Hello, I have a speedo that displays your vehicle's speed. I use getElementSpeed useful function to get the vehicle's speed in km/h. I also have a handling editor (hedit) But something's not right. The maximum velocity that I set in the handling editor is not the same as on the speedo. I set maximum velocity to 100 in hedit, but on the speedo it appears to be ~120. I made a speed limit script too. When you press a key, your vehicle's speed is locked to your current speed. The script modifies the vehicle's handling, but before doing it, it saves the current one, so it can be reversed by pressing the speed limit key again. The same problem appears: I limit the speed at x, but the speedo says it's faster. The speed locking and unlocking is working, but not at the correct speeed. Or is it the speedo's fault? What could be the problem? I have no idea. Thanks for reading! --SPEEDO obtain speed local vehicleSpeed = math.floor(getElementSpeed(currentVehicle, 1)) --SPEED LIMIT ON local originalSpeed = getVehicleHandlingProperty(vehicle, "maxVelocity") setElementData(vehicle, "vehicleSpeedLimit", aspeed) -- aspeed is the vehicle's speed that I obtained from client side setElementData(vehicle, "vehicleOriginalSpeed", originalSpeed) setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "maxVelocity", aspeed)
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