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  1. For the sake of other gangs, please lock this post. My old gang died. I think i have explained that enough now.
  2. I will only consider that when I get Broadband [which is about July 27th.] Even then I probably wont give it another go, one thing i strongly learned is that most of the good MTA players are sucked up into the bigger, better gangs with servers. Also I dont have the intrest in MTA that I used to. Nor do I have the money to host a server to pick up new recruits in. Anyway i wouldnt call a gang of mine TkS [the killing squad] not in my right mind anyway.
  3. I was a leader making the gang *cough* dumbass
  4. Back in my days in TkS i remember taking out =DA= after everyone else got taken out by them dammm machine guns Not to boast or anything
  5. TkS is dead! We did well in our day though, you never know, if we were still around we might have whooped you ass
  6. Good luck with your new clan, I know how hard it is to start a gang so you will need all the luck you can get! I would join but I am only intrested in MTA forum communitys at the moment [until I get broadband later this month.] I am interested in KFC though as they have a great forum community and they have some pretty good players.
  7. I respect your opinion. I never said he was a current hacker, or even that he should be shuned from ULK. However he chose to start flaming me in a topic that didn't even slightly concern him, so I decided to take that liberty also. He deserves whatever reputation loss he gets, as he did hack MTA and our site, and acted like a crying baby because he got no respect out of it. How you let this affect your view of him is entirely up to you!
  8. The rumours are true. Aside from using MTA hacks when he was in our gang, he hacked the TkS site when he left[just before we kicked him out.] Due to me not giving him the recognition and respect he 'deserved.'
  9. Im sure they will be fine with my banners. Its not as if anyone runs these forums like communist Russia.
  10. To awnser all of your questions! TkS died, me and Iain lost intrest in MTA for a while and the gang never recovered since. Bryce was the only cheating member, he cheated on numerous occassions and constantly annoyed everybody with any sanity. The gang did very well the time it was running [especially after Bryce left.] regarding the cheating accusations here are some quotes from the msn convo link from the first post. Enough said.
  11. Fair Comment. lets not argue among ourselves, lets just be supportive to the MTA team [instead of critical.]
  12. MrBump clearly closed the post on the basis of the small attacks being for publicity, so he didnt give them what they [probably] wanted. This time, however this person [probably] hates MTA and is [probably] not looking for publicity so there is no real justification to shut down this topic. This topic is A.Not connected to the other B. Is the same person, [though MrBump had no way of knowing it wasnt just a grown baby seeking attention] Either way, it was a fair judgement. MTA cannot be accused of lying to their community either. ---Ryan---
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    There are a lot of people who have got it in for MTA I should change my forum account...
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