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  1. I did not download it from anywhere because hedit already existed in the default resources of the MTA folder ( C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\server\mods\deathmatch\resources\[gameplay]\hedit ) When I start hedit : start hedit [14:36:16] start: Requested by Console [14:36:16] Starting hedit [14:36:16] INFO: =============================================================================== [14:36:16] INFO: MTA:SA HANDLING EDITOR [hedit.github.io] [14:36:16] start: Resource 'hedit' started [14:36:22] INFO: =============================================================================== but it not worked when i Enter /hedit or hit B button
  2. I know it has to start I start it and it starts properly and without any problems But Nothing happens when I press the B button or enter the /hedit command :( It does not give any error
  3. I know but when i try pressing B or using /hedit None of this works!
  4. Hi How to work with hedit?
  5. no I dont want these :( When the server, in the game creates a box for me, some information is sent to the mta game to make this happen like size and position and etc. This is what I mean is there a library in lua, python, javascript, typescript and etc for these? sorry for my bad english
  6. The server I am talking about is not mine :/ and I do not want to edit it I just want to get the same data that my mta receives from the server to run the game
  7. sry for my bad english Is there a tool (software or script or library) for Monitoring the servers data? I want to obtain the data that the servers are sending to mta for example, a server at a time create a gui box for my mta, I want to get the data of that gui box Pls HELP
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