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  1. This is what I have before writing this script. I need the car to be in the position as on the 1:00 timecode when moving. That is, a composition of one Streak and five Streak Trailers. Thank you very much for your help!
  2. Yes, but I need coupling locomotive with wagons. Cabin change don't need. I need This system.
  3. English Language: Hello! I am new to scripting in lua. I have my own project (I'm from Russia). We want to make a fraction of the railroad. We need to link the locomotive with the wagons (Streak with the Streak Trailer). Please, tell me how you can do it? Russian Language: Здравствуйте! Я новичок в скриптинге на lua. У меня есть свой проект (Я из России). Мы хотим сделать фракцию железной дороги. Нам нужно сцепить локомотив с вагонами (Streak с Streak Trailer). Пожалуйста, подскажите как можно сделать?
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