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  1. 1214ill

    MTA doesn't turn on

    Nothing has changed. I will have the computer serviced soon. Some features on the computer also do not work, such as Windows updates. Thanks for the help @myonlake
  2. 1214ill

    MTA doesn't turn on

    Unfortunately, it didn't change anything
  3. 1214ill

    MTA doesn't turn on

    https://pastebin.mtasa.com/829360297 @myonlake
  4. 1214ill

    MTA doesn't turn on

    Reinstall MTA and GTA does nothing, and neither does the format
  5. Po formacie systemu, MTA przestało się kompletnie uruchamiać. Jedyne co widać na ekranie to okienko "Stop playing with yourself", a po chwili "Gra GTA:San Andreas mogła nie uruchomić się prawidłowo, Czy chcesz ją wyłączyć?". Sterowniki karty graficznej są aktualne, directplay w funkcjach systemu jest uruchomiony. Reinstall MTA ani GTA nic nie dawał. Gra w trybie fabularnym odpala się bez problemu.
  6. 1214ill

    MTA doesn't turn on

    After the MTA system format, I stopped starting up. When I launch the application, only the window is displayed for a while "Stop playing with yourself", and after a while a GTA: SA MAY NOT HAVE LAUNCHED CORRECTLY window pops up. Before the format, the game worked properly, I had no problems with it. (The Polish language is used in the screenshots)
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