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  1. Hey friend, I forgot to post here, but yesterday I got exactly what I wanted, credits to "Tekken" that helped me a lot, basically I made a hitX, Y, Z system with ammo and ammoclip, and I made one that hitElement activated killDayzPlayer, so , I put the sniper to do 1 damage, so now the sniper shots seem to have real time synchronization, in the same line of the code I put it for if the weapon is 34 then localPlayer will win 1 murder, and it's ready. Thanks for the help.
  2. yeah, but what I want to know exactly is the possibility of creating a script that activates "HitMarker", causing the target player to die. for me it is very complicated to say exactly what I want, but this server was perfectly able to ignore the ping from the server, and that makes the players enter it, the sniper pvp is magnificent
  3. I know a server that whenever you hit another player, it appears that you hit him and he dies, and hits in the lag do 1 damage. The blood of the hit player remains at 12000 but he dies, sometimes when hit also goes to 11999, but still dies ... I would like to know if it is possible to create a script capable of causing that when a Hitmarker is activated, the affected player dies instantly.
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