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  1. Well,his typing should be a clue,if he types like that all the time then he should be exposed in no time.
  2. I could be wrong,but isnt Tupac a known cheater? Im sure quite a few people have used that name,so like i said i could be wrong.
  3. MTA is MTA,you either love it or ya hate it,for some reason the flaws in MTA dont get to me like they do to some people,i guess im just used to it,i been playin on and off since the first release.
  4. Opium,i had almost the same thing happen in VC,i went for spec mode and appeared on top of a building with like 20 people all standing there,but they all had names,it was weird.
  5. Well im pretty sure that most people know that there is no cheaters allowed in clans,with the exception of a few clans,but those clans dont show up in these forums,btw good luck man.
  6. Well again regarding your sig(s),i guess they dont care if yours is big,but i was forced to reduce mine down to the size it is now.
  7. WHOA,these moderators arent gonna like the extremely oversized banners you got there ryan. btw i have heard from MANY people that bryce is a cheater /me wonders if all the rumors are true.
  8. I thought it was cool. At the end i noticed the release date was labled as "22,10,04", i didnt know there were 22 months in a year.
  9. Man,before i got MTA i was always on the hunt for a decent lowrider and that one you have is off the hook game freak,and utopia i had that bat mobile but 4 some reason it was too low to the ground and it would just scrape the causing it to not go too far.
  10. Its good to see a lot of fresh faces poppin up around here. Good luck.
  11. BTW,Drake "the news bringer",you started this thread without knowing anything about the situation,and it seems u just wanted to start some drama project,anyway you payed for you actions seeing as you left the clan thinkin that another one was waiting for you,now your all alone and not respected by any one here,anyway im just waitin to see what happens from here. Somebody plz lock this thread,we dont wanna air our dirty laundry.
  12. Well i think that Thug should be able to have his say so as a leader and that most of us agree starsky should be gone to better the clan.
  13. Well it looks like cube a little but cube is a fat boy,so it looks a lot like Eazy E.go to google and type in his name,youll see.
  14. And REN thats why i repsect u as a leader,but if this one guy is causin all this drama then maybe thats a sign.
  15. Well REN u should know that somebody like him is only gonna hurt the clan in the long run.He shows no respect,he acts like hes 10,and hes all around most of the time just flamin people. So all im sayin is how am i supposed to be a team mate with somebody that has come on in my name and broke my trust.
  16. Things are gettin crazy right now
  17. Damn! This is really gettin me pumped up! Cant wait till it comes out! BTW,Doesnt the guy sittin in front of the car (maybe smoking) look like Eazy E,If you know who that is.
  18. Well i played 0.2 under the name "Buzzkill420" or sometimes just "Buzzkill",but stopped after a while.I came back for 0.4 because of a buddy (Mexico) and the rest is obvious. BTW:I Hate "ThE JeSuS"
  19. Wow it looks like people have more negative than positive comments on this gang,not a good start,but whos to say its not over yet?
  20. Wow i guess Death has a point there,i have only seen these fancy threads about your clans,yet have never seen you or one of these tags in a server,then again maybe your british and play in UK servers,and if thats the case than i should stfu cuzz i dont play in UK servers.
  21. Hmm doesnt seem to be up right now? Or the link isnt right.
  22. Good luck with the clan (is this the 8th now?) lol No but seriously good luck man.
  23. Ok I have read the whole thread and I dont see why this is ending already. Maybe its because this guy is on his 3rd clan? or not? im really not sure.
  24. Why exactly is it all over so quick? What happened?
  25. Hey good luck with the new clan,look forward to seein you guys in action
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