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  1. Don't Mean to be Rude or anything mate but have you seen the date this topi was posted........ Nobody cares
  2. Well i had to format my comp so i tried this again and it worked so i don't know what it was but it's working now, So thanxs a lot to all the people that helped me !
  3. * Connecting to * Disconnected: User. * Send: 17B | Recieved: 0B | Time: 0secs That's what comes up. Happens with my IP address to
  4. Well i guess you guys are out of Ideas then, thanxs for the help i'll try and figure the rest out. Thanxs Again Andy
  5. Thanxs for the help guys really appreciated I am getting closer!! But... when i open my server and try and connect through mIRC on the Dos window it says Admin Log in Pete My network IP etc but then it automatically logs me back out, i have turned my firewall of and tried a different Admin Port number but no luck. Any Ideas ?? Again thanxs for the help so far Thanxs Andy
  6. ye, i turned my firewall off when i was tryin to connect.
  7. actually, how do you open the admin port ?
  8. aye, i tried 4003. just keeps refusing the connection. I did get it going once but that was pure chance ! and since then no luck
  9. Hi, i've been trying to get a server admin running and so far have been unsucessful. People keep telling me its easy but I just can't do it. I can get the admin tool up on mIRC but i can not connect to my own server to use this. it keeps saying connection refused on mIRC and connection timeout on the admin tool Has anyone got any ideas ?? Anything would be greatful. Thanxs Andy
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