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    About MTA DM

    What does that mean? What is "The good stuff" compared everything else?
  2. Ryan_

    Object limit

    Well, head over to gtaforums.com. There is a "Limit Adjuster" which alters the limits of the .exe. Maybe this tool may be of use?
  3. I would buy a whole new PC if I needed to play GTA IV, I would not do the same to run Windows Vista. R* Games 1, MicroSh*t 0 How can you even think it won't come out on PC? I'll bet anyone on these forums $100 gaurentee that it comes out on PC. All you people who own console versions of any GTA's, how often do you REALLY play them? Cause with all the mods that come out, I play all 3 very often on my PC. R* knows GTA belongs on PC, but if it came to PC first, the console versions probably wouldnt sell as much.
  4. Well, the script is amazing, so many commands in there. My only thing is the command "top laggers". Why does this command give a top 3 ping list? I play in a server and usually got about 180-200 ping, however i rarly lag, if at all. BUT, there are constanlly people in the server with MUCH lower pings 50-150, and these people really really lag alot. I mean ALOT. So, when I see people use the command and my name comes up, I get a little discouraged. Couldn't you make it "!top pingers" instead? And, would there be any way of making a true "!top laggers" command that would be true to the word?
  5. Um, LOL. Can someone please answer that?
  6. Well, I think this would be a great option for race makers. Now I know we have all experienced this issue within most races, it's not something that just affect few ppl in a race. And the way I see it, the bacis feature is already coded into mta. You know after you die and you have respawned, your car has no collision for like 2 seconds. Well, I think it wouldnt be too hard to just leave the car as is. But, I am no coder, so it could be much more difficult than what I think.
  7. Ryan_

    Low FPS Lag

    I would Say it's the video card. Either ist not a great card or maybe its overheating or something, cause your other specs r fine. I got myself a Radeon x1650 512mb agp card, a while back. Man let me tell ya, I really didnt know what i was missing. This game is beautiful. And my frame rates? put it this way, i need to leave the frame limiter on or else the game runs a double speed. So, try a video card, thats my bet.
  8. Well, whatever the issue is it must be simple. SA-MP seems to work pretty much fine in Vista.
  9. Please oh Please, could you make it Vista compatible?
  10. I have d-link router, dedicated server pc, gaming pc, broadband isp. In order for my mta server to show up in the mta browser, the server pc MUST be in the DMZ. hope this helps! also, if possible, make sure your router is set for gaming!!! with these settings, i can see ase can see and game-monitor can see my server no problem.
  11. YES, that's a GREAT one. Have the ability as admin to force a player, or yourself to spectator mode!
  12. Good idea, the interior thing... I'm not sure if its as easy as setting flags. The most a plane currently fits is two, so maybe two is hardcoded max fore planes, maybe not. If it were, then wouldn't everybody need to d/l yhe modified plane dff? The interior idea..., would that be possible? Entering a plane (big planes) as a passenger would teleport u to an interior (does any plane other than Androm have a seperate interior? maybe that R* decided not to use?...) When u exit the interior, you are teleported to the current spot of the plane. That would be pretty cool. It would make it possible to fly the plane and for the passengers to walk around without causing colfile issues, because the passengers are not even really in the plane. Seems like it would be doable. edit: Ha Ha Ha, and only the pilot (and first passenger when applicable) get parachutes....... or not.
  13. 292 views, and only 24 votes? C'mon people, don't be afraid to vote. And I agree, It is a choice of the server Admin, but I still think it's wrong to host them. Think about the rules Rockstar had to follow to make GTA. If this map was incorperated into GTASA scripts, do u think it would have got on the shelves? I understand freedom of speech ect. ect. The point was to squash these sick ppl and teach them a lesson. Some ppl think I am to hard on it and I should let it go, but I think u r all to soft on it.... Thread turned out good! Keep going!
  14. I brought this up as a point. These maps are wrong, I cant believe anyone said to keep them. Go ahead play them, then decide. My heart sunk the minute my plane left the ground. As like some, I interpretted the Title of the map as 911. It wasn't until that point, the realization of it all started sinking in. A checkpoint or two passed then there it was, a huge builing in the middle of a busy city. Well, just to say, I quit the map. Never struck the building. Play them, try them, them come back and vote. Im not american, I am canadian. What the hell is going on here? And this isn't about the map Irak, driving down the highway in a sports car, with explosive barrels does not resemble Irak. It's just the idea.
  15. Who thinks those maps should even be on there? Just out of respect.....seriously....
  16. thats what i wanted to know, thank you. edit: YES YES YES! default map respawn time in server config! YAY YAY YAY Now i can just set it higher then map time limit!!! Thank You!
  17. Ryan_

    Admin Login?

    # Admin # Required: No # Purpose: Defines all the people in-server who can rcon_login to admin # Format - Admin # Notes: # admin-level must not go above 5 # Names and passwords are case sensitive #Admin <5> there is your problem right there! Change it to........ # Admin # Required: No # Purpose: Defines all the people in-server who can rcon_login to admin # Format - Admin # Notes: # admin-level must not go above 5 # Names and passwords are case sensitive #Admin Default password 5 Admin Davo dave 5 you see? have fun! edit: I would stronlg suggest u change ur login info as soon as u get this working.
  18. u dont understand my question. im not asking how to turn it off in the map editor. im asking, can/how do i set the SERVER default to respawn OFF for maps made with 1.0 MAP EDITOR? right now, any "kill the other players to win" map made in 1.0 is no fun to play because players always respawn. indeed, im aware that i can open each map in the editor and change it. (but dont u think it should be the authors problem? it would be a lot easier if all the authors edited their maps for 1.1 themselves. because then we could weed out the bad maps from 1.0) seriously, all i want is to turn the default to off. can it be done?
  19. Dont get me wrong, I really like this option. But when the map wasnt made for respawning, it can really be a pain in the a**. Is there a way to change the server default to off? So u only respawn on maps made with respawn in mind. If it is not possible, maybe we could make it so maps made in 1.1 could be labled as such?
  20. Ryan_

    Admin Login?

    2 possibilitys. 1 is that u must remember that the rcon login names in the mtaconfig ARE case sensitive. 2 is that maybe the name ur trying to login with is too long. Iv had 2 admins now had to decrease the lengh of their names to login
  21. I understand the reasoning, I really do. It was just a shock when I realized I couldnt get it yet. (I mean, who want to wait 40 minutes, when I can get it in 25 seconds right?) Maybe u could have let us know it would have been like that though, instead of jotting a footnote beside the link. But, thanks for the whole teams hard work. 1.1 seems to run great for me, and MTA is a lot of fun. Thanks MTA Team.
  22. y did u remove ransoms post? 24 hours exclusive? u serious? u gettin paid for that? cmon, put the links back up. i saw ransoms post, got the new client, started all my new 1.1 servers, all just to realize, no one can get in them because u ppl made the client exclusive? I just had all the ppl leave my servers to reboot and come here to see the new client just to find now their screwed until non exclusive release? man, no fair......
  23. WTF? This server belongs to Eagle, u know the one who made the maps? If I am wrong, then correct me, but I am sure. I could be wrong, but i dont think this andrei is Eagle. Reason being Eagle is from toronto i think, and i dont think he is french. POSSIBLE IMPOSTER>>>>>>>