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  1. Serial: 39E9936219C14AB6EA3F57905A9774A1 Hi Dutchman, im second time again asking you to give me a second chance in the Mta Community, I want to excuse me for my behavior months ago with the Bot Developing Activities, i know i broke the rules and i don't think it will be forgiven but please, let me have a second chance, i can't live without Mta, i spent over 3 years in Lua and can't motivate myself for another language to script for. I tried only to impress my friends with my scripting knowledge. Please, Dutch, let me have my second chance, i will never try to do this again. I j
  2. Serial: 39E9936219C14AB6EA3F57905A9774A1 I were playing with my friends on a RPG server, we had spend some time on the server and grinding for money in one job were getting boring, so they gave me the idea to create a mining bot, and that was the terriblest idea we ever had. I'm very sorry for the situation that arose. I will never try to develop 3rd party programs. Sorry for my poor English ;d
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