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  1. Please write everything in English. Because not everyone knows this language, including me, but many people know English
  2. You did a great job. I don't know if you did it knowingly or unknowingly?
  3. Bu bende de oluyor amma bilgisayarım GTA 5 bile görüyor. Gir ayarlardan effektleri felan kapat sonra grafikleri azald hepsini minumuma indir ve eğer oynadığın serverde FPS limiti azaltmak oluyorsa onuda azalt. Mesela benim oynadığım serverde otamitik bende 77 kalkmış aslında benim bilgisayar görüyor MTA da 77 fps i sadece fps değiştikce oyun donuyor. O yüzden maks FPS i 60 yap. Ben öyle yaptım 60 FPS çok iyi bence MTA için 60 yukarı gittikce kötüleşiyor.
  4. Today's my suggestion is very simple and is for the forum. I think we need to do this to make the forum better. https://i.imgur.com/yzpXITH.jpg As you can see, I registered in the forum of the server where I play in 2020, and I have one star there. That star will increase every year and next year there will be 2 of them automatically. And there Registered: 02/01/2020 shows the date, I would like it to be in the form of MTA. I hope you like this suggestion.
  5. It is very realistic. For a moment, I felt like I was in a real war. I'm say right. Excellent work. I love the military job
  6. I watched the video until the end. It is very similar to a bank in real life. I enjoyed that round locked door. Nice job
  7. Such a thing is impossible. Only mta, but not in other games. Check your internet and share the power and speed of your internet with us here to see if there really is a problem with your internet and then admins will be interested in it https://www.speedtest.net/ Check the power of the internet from the link I gave and take the pictures you need for bandicam or other program and share them here
  8. Reynmen


    Turret abi çok haklı amma benim bilmediğim bir şey var oyun için kimise mahkemeye vermek oluyormu?
  9. I really liked it and you did a really great job. I would like it to be on the server I play. Nice job!
  10. For example. I added you to my friendship. Everyone will see you red when you are online, but I will see you dark red. It will only appear in the Who's Online panel and if I add someone to my friendship. It doesn't matter what color and if someone adds to each other's friendship, that color will look dark color
  11. I didn't know it was I can to change the background. Thank you very much
  12. Suggestion is to make some changes to the MTA forum website. For example, it is better if the background is white, not black. And when you add someone as a friend, when members look online, their name will appear in dark color to distinguish them from others. Here you will see that a player named EleMan is in my forum friendship. Because its color is different from others and is dark color. I think everyone will like it
  13. Nick is your nickname. I do not think the admins will allow it. Because, for example, you have a nickname in real life, and if your friends call you by your nickname, will they say the words of exclamation, crown and moon?
  14. Reynmen

    MTA vs SA-MP

    I will explain the reason for one reason. I played SA-MP, but I didn't like it at all. Because when you lower the game, the mouse pointer stays on the top left, and to move it, you need to go into the GTA files and add GTA, and in this case, do not worry about not leaving GTA. You just have to move the mouse pointer
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