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  1. I really like the RP mode. I even played RP games other than MTA. I couldn't find a good RP server in MTA. I actually found it, but the server was not in English. I am looking for an English server to improve my English
  2. Randsom


    Delete and reload the MTA, if not again this time, delete both the MTA and the GTA and then again download and let us know what happened. (Make sure the GTA is licensed)
  3. I didn't fully understand your suggestion, but there were places I liked. I really think that these features will make our work much easier. So, I going positive vote
  4. Randsom


    Can any one transfer this to the Spanish board?
  5. buddy, it is a pity that no one will be able to help you here. This is Portuguese. Tut can you move to the Portuguese Board? Please
  6. Bu serverde CnR bir server. Bu serverin kurucuları Türk ama ingilizce bir server. Burada polisler, siviller, qanqsterler ve criminallar var. Burası RP serveri değil ama RP dan bile daha güzel. Eğer ne dediyimi anlamak stiyorsan bu servere girin ve oynayın. Ve çok eyleniceksiniz. Ben bu serveri beğendim ve sizede tavsiye ediyorum. Serverin uzun adı: Old School Community. Ortalama oyunçu sayısı 200 kalka biliyor Server IP: mtasa:// Discord: https://discord.com/invite/wvHq4ag
  7. I think there are two ways to have this problem. Either your computer is weak (even at medium power) or the server you play has a large number of players. I will give you some advice. Go to MTA first and minimize all the graphs as well as the effects. Then do not run 2 or 3 programs at a time. For example, while playing MTA, do not go to Google or other apps. If not, delete and re-download MTA from the computer, and again if not, delete and re-download GTA and MTA. It seems that the player is Turkish. Would you please transfer this topic to Turkis Board? Can you Tut?
  8. I have experience in RP games. In other words, I literally played not only on MTA servers, but also on other RP games. For example, Fallout 3 and some games like that. But the features you mentioned are very few. For example, I would prefer servers to have more voice calls, and you have to pay taxes for them after you buy a car or other vehicle. It is very important to have banks in all for this too. Then the speed limit of cars. Being fined. Some things like that.
  9. good documentary but I'm sad your server is closed
  10. Please write everything in English. Because not everyone knows this language, including me, but many people know English
  11. You did a great job. I don't know if you did it knowingly or unknowingly?
  12. Randsom

    FPS drops

    Bu bende de oluyor amma bilgisayarım GTA 5 bile görüyor. Gir ayarlardan effektleri felan kapat sonra grafikleri azald hepsini minumuma indir ve eğer oynadığın serverde FPS limiti azaltmak oluyorsa onuda azalt. Mesela benim oynadığım serverde otamitik bende 77 kalkmış aslında benim bilgisayar görüyor MTA da 77 fps i sadece fps değiştikce oyun donuyor. O yüzden maks FPS i 60 yap. Ben öyle yaptım 60 FPS çok iyi bence MTA için 60 yukarı gittikce kötüleşiyor.
  13. Today's my suggestion is very simple and is for the forum. I think we need to do this to make the forum better. https://i.imgur.com/yzpXITH.jpg As you can see, I registered in the forum of the server where I play in 2020, and I have one star there. That star will increase every year and next year there will be 2 of them automatically. And there Registered: 02/01/2020 shows the date, I would like it to be in the form of MTA. I hope you like this suggestion.
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