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  1. maybe a cheater came and edited his col. files and gf killed the noob cheater
  2. wow dj gta i think the editing is great btw nice camera angle HAHA 10/10
  3. nah dude do u think everyone in this world is just a gurl and just plays fair ofcourse there are cheaters
  4. lol dude why are u the leader if u cant even code c++ how about u prove to us that u have the mem adreses lol learn direct x hacking first and learn c++ too then ull probally be sucesful i know all the steps to making a MP mod but u cant just have 3 ppl on youre team
  5. wow im dling at 400 kb and i have cable modem only
  6. lol breakdance is easy i think the sanchez thing is just a little col. eror and taking a crap in mouth was funyy
  7. nice signature rawk
  8. that is strange so youre saying u cant see the MP actors just the cars moving
  9. well maybe heres the problem 1:the server is laggy 2:cheaters 3:youre internet connection suxor get t1 lan or t3 lan or cable
  10. lol the lag is like 45% improved cuz i saw ijs and aeron driving in passenger and it looked very nice good job mta team
  11. lol hell ya he did he needed a m4 with alot of bullets to make him better
  12. VB6


    that suxor
  13. nice videos HAHA cops one was funny
  14. lol nice parking mr bump btw u know how the mta client doesnt let anyone whos not from the mta team put [MTA] in there name and imitate mr bump well how come u dont put [MTA] in youre name mr bump
  15. haha lol hugh jordan or watever sux
  16. VB6

    Is there any Ai?

    u can have peds but not syncked ones .unless u have a timer that loads all the peds that the other players see.
  17. lol just open the client and press then reset game path button and reconnect to server vwala
  18. hmm thats strange i dont use linux so i dont know sry maybe someone knows
  19. lol xenex i didint mean that huge gun i meant he gun is mini and its a gun just a little nickname
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