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  1. A few minor things. 1. When I press TAB to see the player list could you add the server name and race name on there too? 2. When spectating could we see the checkpoints for that player please? 3. Could we make the voting keys, F1 and F2 redefinable? I use a joypad and have to lunge at the keyboard in the middle of a race!
  2. I really only wanted to stick to approved drivers for my laptop and the latest ATI ones claim that my laptop brand and graphics card is unsupported. These, however, claims to support the Mobility 9000 so, like I said, I decided to try these. I'd recommend anyone with the same problem give these a go but keep the old drivers or use the backout facility to restore if these cause problems. Maybe the official ATI ones work too, but these certainly do the job!
  3. After much debating I took the plunge and installed these: - http://www.omegadrivers.net/ati.php Now I can see the menu, about to go ingame so fingers crossed! EDIT: Works!
  4. ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 IGP and I'm on the latest drivers... Thanks for at least looking into these issues as we all know how well supported are laptop graphics cards! EDIT: All the other logos are affected too. As in the first post it shows the Rockstar logos/video but the static logos (Creative, nVidia, GTA San Andreas) are all black and the screen takes a slightly different shade of black when the menu, I presume, should appear.
  5. Yep, same here. I'm running it on my laptop, but single player SA works fine.
  6. IyonUK


    Lookin' good! Here's hoping for a (relatively) crash-free experience!
  7. Can we get the scores on stunt mode stored server side? When you crash you lose all your hard earled $s...
  8. Surely a major issue like bandwidth hogging is enough to warrant a release? lol I understand, let 'em fix as much as they can. I'm counting the days 'till the next release, but since I have no idea when that'll be I'll stop counting...
  9. All I wanted to say was that I'm missing out on the joy of MTA0.4 so I'd be happy with just that fix in the next release, providing that as a result it was patched quicker. But, great job guys, looks like there's lots of new stuff to potentially be utilised in the MTAMA script.
  10. I'd just be happy with the bandwidth decrease in the next release. (Hey that rhymes!) Currently, MTA 0.4 is unplayable for me. I'm running MTAMA at the same time, without Admin+, and my ping goes from 24 outgame to 1000+ ingame. This never happened on 0.3r2. I have 1Mbit connection.
  11. IyonUK


    Are you running Admin+ as well? Don't forget that Admin+ takes up the same bandwidth as a normal player, so that would explain why your ping was sky-high. Nope, just running bog-standard admin...
  12. IyonUK


    I have a 24 millisecond ping to my server, but when I go ingame the ping goes 1000+! Does anyone else get this? I had no problems with 0.3r2 ping-wise. This just makes it unplayable for me... I've left my server as 0.4 for everyone else to play though... I don't think my computer specs make a difference as it's a P4 3.04Ghz, 512Mb, etc. etc.
  13. I was hoping he'd expose himself to the world as a cheater... Plus, I don't think he realised there was an '_' in my name.
  14. IyonUK

    MTAMA Scripting

    Montana, I have that !aka script if you want it... It does a similar function, notes the IP of those who are kicked (not by bad names or ping) and then if they come back after changing their name you can type !aka and it'll list all usernames that were kicked on that IP. You can just butcher it a bit to log all IDs. Although, methinks it would get a bit big just using an .ini file...
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