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  1. Well, I'm still guessing my son will sow his oats before release and the majority of you. He's near a year old and has about 13 or so years to go.
  2. Strange I can play SA-MP for hours without a crash. Crashes seem to be a rare occurrence for me. Like once in a few hours of playing or none at all.
  3. Or more fairly precise, the AUT project. They to were a very gifted and talented group stuck in a similar situation with the same public relations but unfortunitly time eroded the community and work was halted.
  4. How much longer, this is starting to feel like a A-team (Akimbo Team Productions, LLC) project.
  5. I would pay 40 Iraqi Dinars for this mod. lol, pay for mta. You must be high.
  6. Around the same time my son loses his virginity... which will probably be before most of you. Born dec 8 2006.
  7. Or you might want to try a combination of both.
  8. I've been away from this game for a long while now. Mainly because I moved into an area with extremely poor cable internet. We talking 200-400 ping easy for any type of game server. They are no longer selling internet until they fix their problems Anyhow I moved and got back my old cable company, they are fast as hell. I also finally got my MTA working, which I was fairly aroused by. I haven't even tried BF2 with my new low ping, I went straight for the MTA:VC. And let me tell ya, it felt pretty good loading her up and picking of course.... The Robber, what better to shake off the rust
  9. IMO the current control system suxorz, feels like I am playing a rom and not a PC game. Hopefully they add the classic FPS controls... us dinosaurs need that sh8.
  10. Transportation up to 6 or more persons. Peace bish. http://bikedream.net/bikedream/tn_Phto0072.jpg
  11. How about some akimbo colts
  12. Or how about being able to dive and shoot...
  13. I swear I registered this name before but maybe its just the canaboids. Should put me on that list gwashoppa.
  14. I found this post on the message boards. Xfire is a pretty good program but I still tend to use it with ase. Maybe a few more posts will help get support. http://www.xfire.com/xf/modules.php?nam ... opic&t=319
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