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  1. LOL, because most people are VERY lazy and hate to read . But I did look at it and i've tried it but it diden't work at all...
  2. No.. I mean like as they join?
  3. I've noticed in some other servers that when the name, "Player" or "DP2.3" enters.. Their name auto-matically changes to something else. Is there any special way of doing it?
  4. ryan.

    Cars Help..

    Where am I suppose to put that?
  5. ryan.

    Cars Help..

    Like this, Using .map files.
  6. ryan.

    Cars Help..

    I have some cars set in my server, and everytime some jackass destroys them all, how do i make them respawn?
  7. Yea they are all in Server/Mods/Deathmatch/Resources.
  8. What do you mean by "Full Path"?
  9. All of the resources are in the resources folder in MTA San Andreas..
  10. Every time I try to open the MTA Race (Happends in all versons) it says this.."load failed. please ensure that the file core.dll is in the modules directory within the mta root directory" Please help..i've tryied everything!
  11. Yes... But I tried to put them in but they are already there..
  12. Everytime I try to put the admin stuff up I get a error message in the "MTA Server Application. Heres a photo of the error..[attachment=0]Capture.JPG[/attachment] Could anyone help me with it? ..
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