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  1. well it appears to be working for the time beign i appears to be happening on one server! thats wierd
  2. Nope, tried on 2 other systems and same result. That 'choking cpu' didnt seem to work anymore either, i think it was just coincidence
  3. LOL, like, open up the case and strangle the chip? LMFAO! LOL i wish, instead i make it do something like load up a PSD that requires the CPU to go at full use for a little while then it goes fine, so wierd
  4. The only solution is for me to choke the CPU then connect to server =/ it works then LOL its wierd solution
  5. I've tried everything I can, reinstalled VC, reinstalled MTA, done this 4-5 times I've tried about 5-6 different GTA-VC.exe's (i bought the game legit, but i thought maybe acrack would fix it anyway) nothing has worked! please help here is a screenie of whath appends im on windows XP, service pack 1 its hte MTAclient that crashes so nothing to do with VC reinstalled Vice city already reinstalled MTA a dozen times not in compatability mode
  6. turf wars are already in place, just small modifications to polish it ie. i had a lan with 5 others and we joined a pub server and held off sunshine auto's, we shared the sabre turbo to get health it needs to be polished in regards to appearence, and friendly fire off to avoid team kills, scoreboards of group kills etc.. even that small change encourages team play, gets rid of those rambo's out there (you know who you are)
  7. for second one, thanks to the boys of UA, im an aussie so we went on their american server, quiet laggy but fun
  8. it seems obvious these servers are run by monkeys, why not just NOT join them?
  9. you press alt-tab, and esc a few times to get out of those
  10. one more thing, did 0.4 have the AK47, spaz etc.. taken out?! i cant find them
  11. I also find that some of my messages I send I can't see, but others can (and i start repeating them, they think im retarded)
  12. Largo


    the less cost it is to them to fund MTA, the more profit they recieve its a shame, i personally only bought vice city for MTA, if it wasnt for that i would of just finished it at my friends house and never see it again
  13. i also find sometimes the server itself is fubar, i change servers and problem is resolved for me
  14. the MP5/flamethrower is at colonels boat, (24 on the old map)
  15. I think they should just do co-op multiplayer (co-op missions) even though it would be really easy, just release it first and lets play around with it, they can improve the missions later im sure but wouldnt it be easy to do ? or at least can they leave traffic/pedestrians/police on for online ? so its heaps fun
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