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  1. sorry bon but it didnt work.....well I guess I am gonna try to download most of the music from limewire and out them in the folder to see if that works
  2. yes I did that but they just dont play.....I have also went into audio settings a checked that too
  3. Kamikaze man

    GTA 3

    ok I just installed gta 3 but when I play it there is no music....all the other sounds work except music I have also tried reinstalling it. Any suggestions or if possible can anyone send me them by and chance and tell me where to install them. Thanks
  4. do you play mta and have car mods?
  5. no its not from a real gta game sadly but I got it from http://www.gta-sanandreas.com they have some desktop images there
  6. ni it comes up when he tries to connect to a server
  7. Well I had installed mta and got hooked so I convinced my cousin about it and he went and bought vice city and installed mta(the newest version) and when he tries to connect it says "Your game version could not be determined - defaulting to 1.0" Any suggestions?
  8. well I got a pretty good computer....geforce 4 video card 2.2 ghz 140 gb hardrive intelpetium 4 processor
  9. I have been using fraps a lot but the thing is it slows down game play so is there any other program I can use?
  10. Ok I just downloaded MTA the newest version. I had gotten everything working but when I open ASE and double click on the server and it opens MTA and I connect. Then I press start game and it wants me to press the Reset Game Path and I do. Then I press start game again and comes up with an error that says: ERROR: CRC failed on 'data\default.ide' Please reinstall MTA / GTA:VC as some of your files have been modified. So I reinstalled it and ASE and the error still comes up. I am using Windows XP and I am able to play the Single Player fine. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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