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  1. it seems i cannot scale - rotate them is that right
  2. so how are these models made? I basicly want to rotate the direction of a particle (y) but is that possible ??? thanks
  3. Can anyone tell me how to assign particles on a .dff inside 3dsmax?? What do i need as material? Thanks
  4. would u like to show a working example using next() talidan ? (on the same table structure as above) thanks
  5. Hi, i was wondering how i could get the next absolute slot of a table. i would need a function that is called like this: nextslot = getNextSlot(slot) For example i would have a table like below: table1 = {} table[3] = "filled" table[7] = "filled" table[9] = "filled" Now lets say that i got number "9", then the function should return "3" and when i got the number "3" it should return "7" well thanks for any help
  6. Anyone knows why there are special character like "$" not working with the following code: gButtons.bet_input = guiCreateEdit( 0.605, 0.965, 0.07, 0.0225, "other", true ) guiEditSetMaxLength (gButtons.bet_input, 128 ) characterBlackList = {"Q","W","E","R","T","Y","U","I","O","P","A","S","D","F","G","H","J","K","L","M","N","B","V","C","X","Z","q","w","e","r","t","y","u","i","o","p","a","s","d","f","g","h","j","k","l","z","x","c","v","b","n","m","|","!","@","#","$","%","^","&","*","(",")","-","=","+","_" } addEventHandler("onClientGUIChanged", gButtons.bet_input, funct
  7. Thanks, It seems that it did not work cause of something wierd. When i put the code into a Timer, it does work
  8. this aint working for me, there's still collision. would u like to give an example? (that works) thanks
  9. Anyone seen this before? i need to have a ped sit down on a chair, so i basicly need to disable collision to get it into the right position Any help will be thankfull
  10. Hey, I have been searching for about a week into this problem, and i still cant get it. For some reason, onColShapeHit only works for a player when he is outside the vehicle (then i get the outPutChatBox message as check), but it should work on the vehicle (thecar) element only. - the positions inside the table's are fine - When i drive with the car into the shape, noting works, but when i exit the vehicle i do get the output in checkbox ( outputChatBox("garageid: " .. tostring(garages[garageid].id)) ) thecar = createVehicle(cars[carid].model, cars[carid].x,cars[carid].y, cars[carid]
  11. Anyone knows where i can find the bank interriror? its not listed on the wiki aswell as in the mapeditor. thanks
  12. Could anyone post an example of how to use this lib? I tried the following but it wont work: dxText:create( txt, screenWidth/2, screenHeight/2 ) dxText:font("pricedown") dxText:type("border", 2, 0, 0, 0, 255)
  13. Anyone knows whats wrong with the following code? "Bad argument @ 'GetGaragePosition'" -- CLIENT function gotothegarage ( player, command, garageID ) local x, y, z = getGaragePosition (tonumber(garageID)) setElementPosition ( player, x, y, z ) end addCommandHandler ("gotogarage", gotothegarage)
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