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  1. *REX*

    Hello =D

    Im glad to be back
  2. WoW.... I havent been here for ages...... =D Is anyone still alive? lol
  3. Yes! I thought so.... It was the funnest one yet, So many people played
  4. I really think people are just waiting it out. Or just waiting for something more fun in MTA to come along. Most of my MTA buddys left when 0.4 came out. I dont know why, it was a good version. I just think that is the time they got board.... Something HUGE needs to happen.
  5. Sweet, thats nice to have some new guys, Godd luck fella's
  6. LMAO, I havent seen you or G-Theft in...."It feels like a decade"....... And I have STILL not been in a war yet.....SUNDAYS SUNDAYS SUNDAYS
  7. BLooD...NEEDS TO BE TAKEN CAR OF!!!!!! Why aint someone already on this guys? I have seen no admins in most servers. I wish there was always one present, then this A**HOLE would be outa here! Suggestions....................?
  8. Nice job Jo, hopefully FKU can get things together and we can get things together and have a gang war.
  9. [TF]JoStud I have watched yet another dream parish. I send my best condolences to your auto business.
  10. Wow very nice. I had the dream until it rained molotovs. Then the dream was over for me.....
  11. Nice cars..... I would buy a Blue Lambo if you happend to have one? I had a dream like that once also. Untill [TF]JoStud said "Look out up top" And showers of firing balls poured all over the cars. " your right a $2 dollar fire bomb can ruin a PRICELESS dream. I will find the destructor!
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